Symptoms And Treatment Of Periodontitis: It Is Important To Do This On Time!

As a result of inflammation of the gums, periodontitis produces. This phenomenon can often be very painful and unbearable.

What are the symptoms that indicate inflammation of the gums is possible to develop the disease?

  • is constantly feels bad breath and a metallic taste in the mouth.
  • The gums bleed during brushing and they do consume liquids.
  • Your withdrawals gum and this is very painful.
  • have the feeling that their teeth are constantly balancing and can leave at any time.
  • The inflammation of the gums gums are red with bright color and swollen.

The largest deposits are created in the area between the gums and teeth so pay attention to this particular part. Also, you should brush and clean your tongue; It is a very important task.

Furthermore, some tips to get rid of this disease

  1. Dissolve sea salt in a small amount of water and everyday; 5-6 times rinse your mouth with this solution.
  2. mixture of vinegar and water several times a day rinse your mouth with it.
  3. At night before going to bed, brush your gums with a little olive oil and sleep well.


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