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SweatBlock is a new antiperspirant promising for the treatment of hyperhidrosis and reduce excessive underarm sweating. Here’s our opinion.

What is SweatBlock?

SweatBlock is a small washcloth to rub into your armpits to provide protection 7 days sweat and tear.

The product claims to be the best antiperspirant on the market for the treatment of hyperhidrosis, excessive underarm sweating.

SweatBlock is recommended by some doctors across America (specific endorsements can be found in SweatBlock.com). There are also over 1800 5 star reviews on Amazon, so the number one SweatBlock antiperspirant.

With all these endorsements, SweatBlock looks like a great product – so how do they really work

How SweatBlock work??

SweatBlock committed to treating all different types of sweating, including:

– hyperhidrosis
– underarm sweating
– Nervous sweating
– sweating teenager
– menopausal sweating

Basically, the product promises to reduce any kind of sweating may experience.

So how does it really work?

The product uses similar to deodorants high potency ingredients – such as aluminum chloride. – Along with various botanical and topical extracts Vitamins

The manufacturer claims that the formula is a “commercial secret.” This formula basically forms a block in the sweat gland, providing relief for up to 7 days (the manufacturer claims that the average usage time is 6.4 days).

Some users, however, have reported that the product is effective for as long as 10 days. It depends on your own body chemistry.

SweatBlock Ingredients

SweatBlock contains the following ingredients:

aluminum chloride

14%. Other ingredients:. Water, polyoxyethylenesorbitan monolaurate, polyethylene glycol 8000, eugenol, vitamin E oil, botanical extracts, benzoic acid 0.15% preservative

If those ingredients sound strange to you, then consider SweatBlock has been approved by the FDA since 2004.

using SweatBlock

SweatBlock announces a four-step process for using the product:

– step 1) Make sure your clean and dry


– step 2) Press the SweatBlock wipe inside the hairline just before sleep. Avoid rubbing the product, such as rubbing can cause irritation.

– Step 3) Allow to air dry armpits, which should take about 5 minutes

– Step 4) Go to bed. The application of SweatBlock at night leaves the product will work while you are asleep, when the sweat glands are naturally less active.

You’re supposed to use SweatBlock as an antiperspirant. If you want to smell good, then you can add underarm deodorant also to reduce sweating and odor of the region.

Antiperspirant is also committed to work with any color or style without having to worry about sweat marks or dark spots.

Although SweatBlock promises to work in a wide range of people, the company warned that some people will not be affected by SweatBlock or other antiperspirants:

“SweatBlock works when most antiperspirants are up. An overwhelming majority of our customers report results that change lives. Because body chemistry, not all satisfactory experience. that’s why we offer a money back guarantee of 30 days. ”

price SweatBlock

SweatBlock is available online at Amazon.com or through SweatBlock.com. In Amazon, this is how the pricing is broken down into each website.


– 1 box (8) Wipes: $ 19.99

– Multi-Box Subscription Plan (8 towelettes Receive every week or month): $ 18.99 (5 % savings)

– Multi-Box subscription plan (subscribe to receive 5 or more items): $ 16.99 (15% savings)


– 1 box (8 towelettes) $ 17.99 + $ 5 shipping ($ 22.99 total)
– 2 Boxes: $ 16.99 per box ($ 33.98 total)
– 3 Boxes: US $ 15.99 per box ($ 47.97 total)
– 5 Boxes: $ 14.99 per box ($ 74.95 total)

note that each wipe has a duration of about 5 to 7 days.

All purchases also come with a 30 day warranty warranty. SweatBlock claims that the product does not work in 100% of all users, which is why they offer such a guarantee.

Are SweatBlock really work?

Ultimately, SweatBlock is a clinical strength antiperspirant that can help solve their underarm sweating using many of the same ingredients found in traditional antiperspirants -. Only in stronger doses and botanists extracts added in If you have ever lost confidence due to excessive underarm sweating, then SweatBlock may be the solution you’ve been waiting for.

Although the product is not intended to work on 100% of all users, the company does offer a money back guarantee: so your purchase is more or less free of risk


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