Sugar really a diabetes food….

metabolism sugar is really an important factor of diabetes and disease. The USDA tested 49 herbs, spices and medicinal plants for the purposes of phytonutrients in glucose metabolism. The results were published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition. Smart sugars (specific sugars in nature) have important benefits and when these sugars are attached with Ceylon cinnamon, the rewards seem to be composed. Recent studies show an improvement in leukemia, other cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, LDL cholesterol, cognitive function and memory loss.
The study shows that cells of the active component in increments cinnamon polymer methylhydroxychalcone absorption and glucose signals certain cells change glucose into glycogen, prevention of diabetes.
New discoveries are announced glycomic like popcorn in university studies worldwide. Glycobiology, in the last two decades, has determined that glycoproteins would be the cellular communication system in the body, the operating system (OS).
glycoproteins cover the top of the cells while the glycolipids are part of the system inside the cell.
There is no evidence that sugar trehalose would be used to build glycolipids unique. Trehalose is often a building block in several cell wall glycolipids.
This research suggests that cinnamon is important in glucose metabolism and blood pressure regulation.
Other studies published in Diabetes Care show cinnamon not only helps glucose levels in the blood of control, but also triglycerides, total cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol in people with type II diabetes.
can report that its group of polyphenolic polymers seen in cinnamon may be antioxidants to enhance the action of insulin, and for that reason, it may be beneficial within control of glucose intolerance and diabetes.
Other documents indicate that discover the beneficial effects of cinnamon proanthocyanidins on the formation of advanced glycation specific. Proanthocyanidins are oligomers and polymers of flavans. We know from studies proanthocyanidins suppress production of the protein of endothelin-1 which constricts arteries.
These studies give us evidence supporting the French paradox that this intake of proanthocyanidins along with other red wines flavonoids prevent a higher rate of cardiovascular disease and diabetes of its citizens in high-fat diets. It also appears that the activity plays a role proanthocyanidin inside the stabilization of collagen and elastin maintenance -. Two critical proteins in the connective tissues that support organs, joints, arteries, and muscle
Pilot Survey could help collect data from the world participants using wide a mixture of cinnamon, trehalose, and minerals multiple bioavailable ionic trace
Glossary: ​​flavonoids or bioflavonoids () :. color pigments of plant metabolites;
French paradox :. Two French doctors or even the observation that the French suffer a relatively low incidence of heart disease, despite having done relatively loaded with saturated fat diets
Glycation: formation and accumulation of advanced glycation has become involved in the progression of age-related diseases;
oligomers: protein subunits
polyphenolic: Phenolic acids are plant metabolites. Recent curious about phenolic acids is caused by a possible protective role against oxidative damage diseases (heart disease, brain cancer and stroke);
proanthocyanidins certainly are a class of polyphenols that provide cellular protection and still have flavor. They are higher than vitamin C or vitamin E.;
USDA :. United States Department of Agriculture

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