Sublime Beauty Ageless Line Smoother

By Lorena G.

I was thrilled to be offered the opportunity to review Sublime Beauty Eternal softer line ($ 51), a serum is said to have both technologies fatten the skin and smoothing line. As a woman hits menopause at 49, I have combination skin with a little dryness and deeper wrinkles that form on the forehead. While my skin looks pretty good overall, I’m constantly looking for that miracle – you know which imparts a line of sculpted jaw, pert cheekbones and as taut and smooth forehead that could be confused with the butt of a baby . Big hopes?

Ageless softer line includes a list of ingredients quite impressive, with a few more outstanding remarkable, especially considering the reasonable price point. Relatively high on the list is palmitoly pentapeptide-4 ( matrixyl ), which smooths lines by increasing natural collagen and elastin itself. Also in the list filler is HyaCare CL (crosslinked polymer of sodium hyaluronate), which, according to the TIA website , is of lower molecular size than hyaluronic acid. These smaller molecules cause penetration more efficient and provide strong supporting moisturizing skin hydration.

Add to this argireline , known as the “natural Botox” as well as natural calming agents of aloe vera and chamomile. A potential for purists, however, the disadvantage would be irritating preservatives and agents phenoxyethanol and Methylisothiazolinone potential.

using the serum for thirty days, morning and evening, after cleansing and before my moisturizer. I have made no other changes in my routine skin care during this time.

What I liked was the first texture of this serum. It melted into my skin beautifully, leaving a very soft feel immediately. As my face leans more toward the dry side, still it had to apply moisturizer; However, for someone with more than one oily skin, this may be all that is needed to provide that soft and moisturized feeling. The light citrus scent was not offensive at all and, for me, was actually quite nice.

Although my skin felt very smooth after application, there was no miracle alignment softened. After three weeks of use twice a week, my face began to have a glimmer of classes and generally seemed healthier, but still can not say I’ve seen a great reduction in my forehead wrinkles or hardening of my jawline.

Ageless softer line is definitely a nice whey, for its price, offer a healthy glow to the skin. I feel that if the line smoothing is really a priority, then this serum will not do the job by itself. However, if a complexion more energy is what you are looking for, then it may be a good addition to compiling the products of skin care.

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