Study: This Fruit Is More Powerful Than Chemo (And that’s not even the best discovery)

Today, numerous articles promoting the health benefits of Graviola today, and a large number of studies investigating the same. It is, in addition to its health benefits arithmetic, say also reported that “an engine stop cancer effect.”

Graviola amazing tree, which is about 15-30 feet tall, grows in South America, more specifically in the Amazon River basin. It packs a strong nutritional punch. Graviola fruit is similar to the cream and a surprising “melon skewers” delicious texture -. appearance similar

Most of the best health benefits are concentrated in the leaves and bark. Therefore, the natives of the Amazon eat tree bark and leaves of Graviola tea healing for thousands of years to treat ailments ranging from arthritis to parasites and liver problems.

It is also known as soursop, and is believed to be the answer to one of the most devastating diseases of this era, as it has been reported that strong “10,000 times more than chemotherapy “to kill cancer cells.

Therefore, government agencies to examine these magnificent potential cancer-fighting properties of Graviola. Apart from them, this super-popular Amazon has been shown to offer a wide variety of other benefits to help protect and improve their health, including:

Help in the drainage system lymph

entire immune system -Boosts

– Assistance in stimulating blood circulation within your system

-Highly active antioxidant compounds that protect against aging

the FDA approved the qualities of Graviola, which stimulate the immune system, but not its effects against cancer, and even asked to websites that publish information on the anticancer effects of Graviola to eliminate these demands in order to avoid severe sanctions.

However, despite his disapproval of studies cancer showing potential Graviola to attack and kill cancer cells within the body selectively, many people continue to take for that purpose.

In addition, there are many independent investigation into the alleged anti-cancer effects of Graviola. However, the fact that there are no human studies on the long-term Graviola cancer and other diseases is often used as an argument against these claims.

The largest and most comprehensive on the anticancer effects of Graviola study was conducted by the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, which investigated substances in the tree called Annonaceous acetogeninas of Purdue University.

This research finally gave promising news: the compounds were shown to be potent in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells while not affecting normal cells along. We also found that these compounds Graviola to work against cancer cells resistant to drugs as well.

The fact that these were the results in- vitro, made in cancer cells in test tubes, not in clinical trials, was enough for the FDA and that They question the study who use it as against their findings. However, it is a fact that the Graviola is a powerful natural medicine, so before you decide to use it to help you achieve your health goals, you need to consult your doctor first.

Graviola offers variuos healing potential and has a long history of use as a complementary natural medicine.

Of course, the most potent forms of Graviola are those that are wild crafted, which means they were grown in their typical natural environment and harvested in the wild, rather than large monocultures.

can also use supplements Graviola but recommended either RainTree Graviola as they have been researching herbs for years and often cited as a popular source for information on the Amazon Rainforest herbs and medicinal plants, laboratories therapeutic by Amazon, because they are another company that offers wild crafted Graviola.

, you must specify that this article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as medical advice. Undoubtedly, the best way to take Graviola is under the care of a naturopathic physician experienced.


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