Study Shows THC Removes Alzheimer Plaque From the Brain

Although only the beginning, these experiments preliminary laboratory have suggested that THC, one of the main chemical compounds in marijuana can help prevent Alzheimers break the plate reducing memory that would otherwise be They form in the brain.

The plate is composed of proteins, including beta-amyloid, and reproduced at the Salk Institute for testing.

The researchers cultured human neurons it the laboratory. From there, the proteins were introduced, including beta-amyloid, and created the buildup of plaque.

Thereafter, THC was introduced and the results were surprising.

Not only the THC break down protein, but caused neurons to reduce swelling. It is inflammation that can lead to further accumulation of the protein, so it seems that THC works as a cleaner and a preventative.

Salk professor David Schubert, the lead author in a statement:

Although other studies have provided evidence that cannabinoids may be neuroprotective against the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease, we believe our study is the first to demonstrate that cannabinoids affect both inflammation and accumulation of amyloid beta in nerve cells.

Indeed, we cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. Has the last 100 years of marijuana prohibition it is to blame alzheimers development of humanity? Are we so attached to the plant? Obviously, if our body has been incorporated into the recipients thereof; It is very likely to have been a big part of our evolution. Having stripped away may have made them unjust injury.

Another study actually shows directly alzheimers is caused by a loss of cannabinoids, in explaining the importance of cannabinoids in memory and learning.

Further studies are welcome (and necessary) to identify a causal relationship between THC and reducing beta-amyloid, including human trials.

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