Study Shows Ginger Is 10,000x Stronger Than Chemo (Only Kills Cancer Cells)

The healing properties of ginger are extremely useful and are much better than some pharmaceutical inventions advanced. It is usually consumed in small doses throughout the world – you can add to your dish or can be found in some drinks. Similar to its cousin spice turmeric, which has a strong anti-cancer effect, ginger is widely known for his incredible ability to shrink tumors.

A study in the State of Georgia involving laboratory mice found that the extract of whole ginger can actually reduce the size of prostate tumor by 56% in mice amazing.

The root of this miraculous anti-cancer properties came to the subject because of its amazing power to reduce inflammation, and its high content of antioxidants that improve life.

Namely, research shows that this fantastic spices can really overcome the advanced pharmaceutical solutions that physicians often seen as the “only option” for patients diagnosed with cancer.

Although these drugs are the only solution scientifically proven by conventional health authorities seems not address the issue, and even worsen condition.These drugs used in cancer treatments proved ineffective in tumors permanent contraction – which it is supposed to be its main purpose. In contrast, actually cause tumors to grow larger and even believed to hasten the death of patients diagnosed with cancer.

Furthermore, the research conducted at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston explained that premium prices cancer drugs are a “little” worse than the death penalty for most cancer patients.

The study’s author, Dr. Raghu Kalluri said “Whatever manipulations we are doing to tumors can inadvertently something to increase the number of metastatic tumors to be more, which is what kills the patients at the end of the day. ”

In other words, scientists suggest that these drugs may be responsible for the “metastasis”, ie, tumors become larger and stronger than they were originally, and this process becomes even more aggressive what it used to be.

Furthermore, studies have shown that ginger is more effective than all these drugs used in cancer therapies such as whole ginger extract has proven to be able to shrink tumors significantly . Actually, it helped patients avoid death diagnosed with prostate cancer.

There is strong evidence that ginger has a positive impact on more than 101 diseases, and there are 17 other studies that also gave the same results with respect to anti-cancer benefits of ginger. On the other hand, it has no side effects and people have been used since ancient times.

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