Study: Purple Potatoes Help Prevent Colon Cancer

According to the conventional oncology, colon cancer or colorectal cancer is the murderer number two in the country. However, many of those who have been affected with colon able to survive this disease through “alternative” cancer therapies.

One of the known examples is Chris Wark “Chris beat cancer “. Chris encourage others to also beat cancer without losing their health condition through the normal cut (surgery), poison (chemotherapy), and burn (radiotherapy) to share their success stories in his “Chris Beat Cancer the “website.

However, the best way to defeat cancer is colored to prevent avoid the standard American diet (SAD), enough exercise and avoid stressful in this modern life. In addition, there are also certain foods that can help prevent colon cancer, purple potatoes.

The Color Purple

purple potatoes are rich in anthocyanins that go after the stem cells of colon cancer . This is very important because the stem cells are stem cells.

Conventional cancer therapies are not able to destroy cancer stem cells it means that stem cells remain free and can create new cancer cells in the future. This is the reason why cancer returns can even after being cleaned through chemotherapy or radiation.

Recently, the Penn State study used baked for study instead of raw purple potatoes to confirm the theory that anthocyanins can destroy cancer stem cells potatoes. The baked potatoes used in the in vitro and in vivo in the study showed positive results was able to reverse tumor growth.

Pen State said that cancer stem cells are similar to the roots of weeds. Even after we cut the weed, while the root remains, weeds can continue to grow again. The same goes for cancer, as long as the cancer stem cells are still inside the body, the cancer always have the ability to grow and spread.

You can easily find purple potatoes in most health food stores. Purple potatoes tend to be too small for cooking. So to prepare, you can cut and boil. Then crushed and mixed with actual sea salt and organic butter.

After boiling purple potatoes, then you can make a potato salad. Prepare your own healthy mayonnaise or you can also buy a healthy version of mayonnaise that contain canola (rapeseed) oil or soybean oil.

However, purple potatoes are not the only source of anthocyanins. Some other foods that also contain anthocyanins are plums and dark red tart cherries. But, of course, for those fruits they are not cooked. You have to eat raw. You can also throw a couple of cherries on purple potato salad.

What is resistant starch?

purple potatoes contains a high amount of resistant starch. This type of starch is not digested quickly to create sugar. However, during the cooking process will disappear. But after the food to cool to provide.

After eating and cooled to room, temperature potatoes, both white and purple, pasta and peas also has this resistant starch. Resistant starch contains chlorogenic acid, a potent antioxidant that can fight the tumor. To get the most benefit acid, eating raw potatoes or cook then cool the use of refrigerator and eat at room temperature.

Janine Higgins, researched by the University of Colorado School of Medicine explained that resistant starch can be found in beans, peas and other legumes, green bananas. He said he can also be found in cooked and cooled with starch like pasta salad and sushi rice products. You have to consume at room temperature or below, for the time being heated, resistant starch is gone. But as long when used appropriately, then it can help eliminate precancerous cells in the colon.

It is now known that purple potato salad combined with some raw sour cherries that may protect against colon cancer. So why not start adopting in your diet?

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