Study Finds That People Who Post Gym Selfies Have A Psychological Problem

We all have friends who are a special kind of pleasure in telling everyone that they are at the gym. They like to post a message autofoto on your Facebook from time to time. Studies show that this is nothing, but has an underlying psychological problem that causes obsessed with capturing autofotos.

The study was conducted at the University of Brunel. According to her, those who regularly boast about fitness have narcissistic traits.

‘narcissistic traits’ is a psychological disorder that gives the pleasure of self admiration. It is this kind of behavior that makes people to create those jobs vein irritating over the timeline, such as “out of the sun, guns out.” The objective behind these messages is to boost your ego to get likes and comments.

The survey had 500 participants Facebook user. They found that gymnastics composers who received the highest number of preferences and / or comments against their positions were desperate and eager for all the attention.

The study also found that narcissists are those who write more status updates related to your exercise routine and diet. This showed that they are using Facebook to spread the amount of effort they are putting into their physical appearance.

According to the researcher, which measure specific personality traits such as neuroticism, agreeableness, extraversion, consciousness, and openness. The researchers also found that people who regularly post updates about your girlfriend / boyfriend in their social networking profiles had lower self-esteem. Those who publish regular updates relating to their children were more aware. (Source of the study: Brunel University )


Power study Brunel University

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