Studies Prove Brazilian Wasp’s Venom Can Kill Cancer Cells


Wasps are usually called killer bees version, but some people know, studies and research conducted showing the possibility that the venom of the Brazilian wasp to kill cancer cells without harming the good ones. In laboratory tests, the Brazilian wasp venom prevents the notoriously drug-resistant leukemia growth, as well as the removal of the bladder and prostate. This is a very interesting job!

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Wasps are feared by many, but lab tests show that the venom of Brazilian wasp can kill cells cancer without damaging the good. See article found in the liberated mind.

New research published in Biophysical Journal reveals that the venom of the social wasp Brazilian Polybia Paulista contains a powerful cancer ingredient. The toxin called MP1 (Polybia-MP1) is capable of killing tumor cells without affecting healthy ones.

To study the mechanism behind this selective action, cell and computer models created research and membranes exposed to the toxin. Using imaging and biophysical techniques, it was found that MP1 selectively attacks cancer cells due to abnormal distribution of lipids (fatty molecules), which are outside of their protective covering.

The targeting cancer ingredient interacts with lipids and distorts the structure of cell membranes, creating holes in them. As a result, the molecules begin exhaust membranes and cancer cells, they can not function without these molecules eventually die.

Simultaneously, the toxin not harm healthy cells because they have a different arrangement of lipids, which are found in the inner membrane of the cell and not on the outside .

According to Dr. Paul Beales, a professor at the University of Leeds and co-author of the study, cancer therapies that involve interaction with lipid membranes of tumor cell could become “a class completely new cancer drugs. ”

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