Student Suspended After Sharing Picture of Discolored Water in School Bathroom

When a student at a school in Michigan saw a problem with water in his high school, that was annoying. So he took a picture of discolored water and posted it on Facebook and Twitter.

However, the image itself thought would cause the change actually got its suspension.

“I always hope that someone will see it and you want to help because our school obviously has no money,” said Hazel Juco WXYZ.

Juco says he was called to the principal’s office shortly after the publication of the photo:

told me that the OSS was suspended. Is the use of electronics in the bathroom. And every girl takes autofotos in the bathroom and makes their profile pictures and nobody has gotten into trouble.

Dozens of students protested Twitter bath pictures, and none of them got into trouble.

Wayne-Westland WXYZ called Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Michele Härmälä, and she said that school administrators have made a mistake by failing to report the problem of water for maintenance.

Now it is being replaced a pipe leading to the faucet.

Härmälä also said the school has a rule against images in the bathrooms to prevent people from taking inappropriate pictures. But in this case, because the student was reporting a problem of construction, the suspension is being deleted Juco registry.

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