What happened recently in Oman shocked the entire nation. To be more specific, all individuals were surprised when they learned that the stray puppy that safeguarded a baby. Everyone was puzzled, and even the urgent voices of the nation began to investigate this incredible case.

Networking online this story spread throughout the Arab world immediately.

This case occurred in Kharbika, Oman, on a Sunday morning when a man was riding a bicycle and suddenly saw a stray dog ​​wandering away from home, while holding something in his mouth.

In addition, the man saw some drops of blood outside the home, so it was closer to find out what was going on. What he saw left him completely stunned.

The dog was passing in his mouth he was not a thing – he was a baby. The infant was only two or three hours of life.

What the man did was running towards the dog immediately, as she imagined the puppy will run the child. However, he was stunned when the dog transmits the child to him.

Meanwhile, others gathered around the scene, and each of them were surprised by the response of the canine.

child healing center were carried, and the canine was roaming around like he was hoping to get some answers on the child’s condition.

Although the most likely puppy that has not been transmitted to the baby during God knows to what extent the child was not hurt by any means. Specialists simply asserted this.

The infant was in perfect condition.

The dominant presence in Oman checked all healing facilities in order to check whether a child was absent. In any case, all mothers had their own child, which meant that the puppy had not removed the child from that point.

In a short time, some people reported a situation in which a young woman appeared in the crisis room, however, then he refused to be examined by specialists. The next thing she fled the healing center.

Many suspect this is the girl child kid had passed and after she had left him somewhere where individuals do not discover. Fortunately for the boy child, the dog saved.

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