Strangers Told This Couple To Abort Their Baby Because Of The Father’s Condition. Here’s What They Had To Say About It!

Simon Moore is a normal man carrying a pretty extraordinary life. He was born with a condition known as Treacher Collins. The genetic problem means that your facial structure is very different from others. Who often he stared at by strangers who do not know what is “wrong” with him.

Many people thought that this condition would prevent him from leading a full life. They never imagined that he would marry the woman of his dreams, or that he would be a father.


Therefore, many were surprised when he and his wife announced she was pregnant. Of course, there was a very high chance that the baby would also have the condition.

Shortly after the announcement, the couple was surprised to discover how people react. While the idea that the world would be happy for them, which was not always the case.

The reaction of this was so terrible that would really hurt the couple. Many people said that Simon’s wife should have an abortion if the baby had the condition. It was a horrible moment for both. They should have been celebrating start a new family, but had to contend with the judgment of strangers.

Still, the closest they supported them throughout the process. They were so happy that the couple was able to form a family together.

What is more, when the couple decided to have the child, regardless of the medical implications, community members were very understanding.

After his son had, I wanted to share a single message with the world. It was clear that some people disapproved of his decision, but had to make things clear.

In a YouTube video, the couple explained what happened at that time. Her baby was born with the condition, but that does not change the way any of them feel about it! In fact, they have fought for her to lead a normal like his father lives.

This is what he wrote in the title:

Simon Moore, 30, who is also profoundly deaf, has always been intimidated and shut himself up at home to avoid the stares of strangers. His life changed when his listener fog, dog introduced to Vicky, 36, in a kind of sign language five years ago and the couple married in 2012. He wanted a family, so he started IVF and took the decision to keep the baby Alice when tests showed she also had the condition known as Treacher Collins (TC) syndrome. They had been offered a special process of IVF, including preimplantation genetic diagnosis the state of the art for detecting the TC gene that Simon leads. The treatment would seek and destroy embryos that carry the defective gene.

Hearing what the two of them have to say about your baby, it will make your heart melt. It is clear that this is a beloved child!

See the full story here:

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