Stop Purchasing Avocados. Grow Them Like This In a Small Pot at Your Home!

Avocados have become part of modern healthy diets. This happens because avocados have a number of health benefits and that have captivated the health conscious community. Avocados are abundant in essential vitamins such as E, K, C, B6, B5, potassium and so on. They are also a rich source of fiber, and also contain a fatty acid, which is known as “heart healthy”.

Because of its versatility, avocados have become very popular, and its popularity is still growing. Avocados can be easily added to any dish instead of a less healthy option or to enrich the color. What is striking about them is that they do not change the taste of food.

In this article, I read about how to grow avocados at home.

1.Sprout avocado seed

Take an avocado seed, take four sticks teeth and stick them in the seed. They must be placed at the same distance, about halfway down from the top. Be sure to use toothpicks and even very good, and they will help stop the seed.

Then put the seed in a glass of water. Dimples to seed should be soaked in an inch of water. You need to use toothpicks, as shown in the figure below.

Leave the seeds soak for two to six weeks, away from direct sunlight, but somewhere warm.

During this time, you should be able to see stem and roots of the outbreak. Once the stem is 6 inches long, it is necessary to cut three inches. Thus, it leaves grow allow root and to thicken.

2. The time has come to plant

Take a pot with a diameter 10 inches and fill it with soil rich in nutrients. Make a small hole in the center and plant the seed there. Care must be taken to put the roots in the ground, and half of the seed exposed. Use a clay pot has a hole in the bottom for proper drainage.

sure to keep the soil moist, but not oversaturate it. You need to water the seeds regularly and generosity. If the leaves begin to fall or become yellow, leave your seed so that it can dry and then more water but use smaller amounts of water. However, if the leaves are dried and brown, then it lacks water. Place the pot in the sink, which allows water to go through it in a gentle way for a few moments. However, make sure that the plant is completely drained.

3.Enjoy His avocado Home-Grown

has succeeded in growing your own avocado. Do not stop here and continue the good work

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