Steps In Preparing For Pregnancy After An Abortion

It is possible for a woman to become pregnant after an abortion.

You can make some preparations and take some precautions to make this happen. These measures are taken for the health of the mother and the child as well. The body also has to be prepared together with the mind, as it has to be prepared to conceive and be strong enough to keep your child healthy throughout the duration of pregnancy.

After abortion, some women have difficulty getting pregnant. However, this problem only occurs in rare cases due to the severe damage and intense has happened inside. In addition, problems can occur if any damage caused to the reproductive organs.


The likelihood of clinical depression may increase due to another factor. This is the marital status of a woman who has suffered abortions in the past. Symptoms of clinical depression occur after eight years especially married women who have had an abortion during their lifetime. The doctor treatment and counseling in general are vitally important for these women as they give rise to emotional stress. Emotional problems that are linked to having had an abortion will be eliminated pregnancy by women who have a strong faith.

prepare your body for pregnancy

The body has to be made ready for another pregnancy. It is necessary to reduce alcohol consumption and smoking. Caffeine consumption should be reduced and women should eat healthy. They should increase their dose of vitamins, exercise and enjoy staying active by practicing yoga and pranayama.

Consulting the doctor
Consult your doctor is the first step a woman should take in order to confirm whether your body is ready to conceive from inside after they have undergone an abortion.

All aspects should be discussed with the health specialist to determine if the pregnancy is safe at this time. Proper advice will be given by the doctor about your body, and to check properly.

Health Monitoring
When you had to go under abortion in the recent past, it is best to find out if any internal damage had been done because of it. Their internal organs usually no harm if the doctor uses proper technique abortion. However, it is necessary to find out the condition of your body, regardless of the cause.

ensure proper rest
Proper rest should be taken as essential for women who want to become pregnant. The doctor will instruct the patient to rest for at least six to eight weeks after having an abortion. Make sure you wait out this period and relax your body to avoid succumbing to stress or other physical demands.

Have frequent sex
Have frequent sex with your partner is necessary for a woman if you want to increase your chances of getting pregnant after an abortion. This is a very important step to be taken even obvious.

However, before people return to their sex life after having an abortion, it is best to consult a doctor and ask for his advice in this regard to avoid unnecessary risks and complications.

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