Staying Active Can Help Prevent Chronic Health Problems

The exercise is still one of the most effective ways to promote health and prevent disease interventions. An article BMJ reviewed 174 studies published over 25 years. The scientists assessed the number of people of physical activity are made and their ability to develop five chronic health problems.

What chronic health problems were less common among exercisers?

Those who were most active were less likely to develop diabetes, colon cancer, breast cancer, heart attacks or strokes. The greatest gains were seen among people who spend 3000-4000 MET minutes a week compared to those moving within 600 minutes MET. At the time MET is a way of factoring intensity exercise along with the amount of time spent doing so. Other research has suggested that people who exercise regularly are less likely to develop dementia, another very feared and common chronic condition.

How much exercise is needed?

Researchers say the current exercise recommendations are too low to provide the best protection against chronic health problems. They conclude that “greater attention and investment in interventions to promote physical activity in which the general public is required.”

BMJ , online, Aug 9, 2016

We discuss the benefits of exercise with James Blumenthal, PhD, in our Show # 1034. has conducted innovative research in control or reverse depression with physical activity.

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