Sprained ankle: here are simple and useful home remedies to treat it

Many people end up hurting their ankles while playing sports, exercises or just for normal activities. However, knowing a doctor is very important since they have a deep and deep knowledge about it. But, sometimes due to weekends or other obstacles, there may be a delay in visiting a doctor. According to Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler of E-Medicine Health, there are ways in which a person can treat ankle sprains at home before visiting a doctor.

According to the portal, the pain and swelling that are eventually the result of an ankle sprain will last a few days. Many times sprains heal in four to six weeks. Here are some precautions and steps that one should know when it comes to an ankle sprain.


Rest is essential when a person suffers an ankle sprain because it will help reduce the additional damage that can occur. Do not walk if it is not necessary. While walking, try to place the body weight on the other foot.

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Ice or warm water

Apply ice immediately on the sprain, as it will reduce swelling. If there is no ice available, take a bucket full of hot water and place your foot for a moment to reduce the pain. If a person uses ice packs, it is advisable to apply ice for 20-30 minutes up to four times a day.

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Use elastic wrap bandages or normal cloth bandages to stabilize the joint. It not only reduces pain and swelling, but also prevents the foot from getting worse. It is recommended not to rely completely on home treatments and visit a doctor as soon as possible.

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Disclaimer: the information has been obtained from several medical journals. The website has no responsibility for the information provided. Consulting a doctor is highly recommended.

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