Sort of Coal Review – Skin That’s Flawlessness From The Inside Out?

A kind of coal is a company that uses the benefits of detoxification coal vegetable white to treat skin diseases and to purify water. This is our opinion.

What is a kind of coal?

Every day, your body is at risk of being full of toxins, and that’s just from walking around outside. Free radicals in the area and the constant wind makes all these harmful substances to find their way into your pores. Unfortunately, these free radicals quickly find their own place in the skin and body, threatening to ruin your skin and digestive system. However, A kind of coal has a solution for consumers who need eliminate these dangerous toxins .

A kind of coal is mainly focused around the use of white carbon, which has a variety of uses at home and your beauty regimen. White charcoal is known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties, which is due to the carbon content of 90%. While charcoal itself is black, this substance owes its name to the production process, which makes short white once the temperature reaches 1,200 ° C in the clay extracted from.

The white charcoal can remove toxins and impurities from almost everything. It can be used to help purify the air in your home, to eliminate free radicals from the skin, and even to eliminate toxins from your water.

Although this white charcoal developed from wood, the similarities between this product and other coal ends there. Coal can be made from different types of wood, depending on what you need it for. For example, Japanese oak used in the formula for binchotan Kushi, while the Korean oak is responsible Hakutan. As a result, products made with white carbon are able to purify and clean almost anything.

A kind of coal products

There are many different products made of white carbon with a kind of coal. All products are designed to detoxify your home, your skin, or some other substance that is usually around. white carbon is completely safe for consumers, and even issues its own vitamins and minerals, as it purifies. These are just some of the products available with white charcoal as the active ingredient.


Bincho is a set of two pieces. It contains a single water jug, and includes a bar Kisho binchotan for purification purposes. Basically, this set is designed so you can fill the jug with water, like the stick cleanses and purifies from toxins. Instead of being filled with the millions of toxins that slip through the filter, the stick clean the entire water, potassium and magnesium infusion instead. This set is available for $ 95.00.

edible Kuro

This Kuro is intended to be used as a way to detoxify your body from the inside, rather than be used as a topical skin care. Available both as a loose fine powder and individual envelopes, you can add to your food or eat alone. According to the instructions, which can be used in baking or as a detox diet drink. Baking with her, the website says to use 15 g per kilogram of flour. If you drink water, you should take one tablespoon of the mixture into a glass of water about an hour before lunch. The website basically states that can be included in any consumable product for the full effect. This product is priced at $ 133.44 for a 1,000 g.

Kishu binchotan

Kishu binchotan is a stick that can be placed in water or a dry glass to detoxify everything it touches. If the stick is used in water, which purifies water. If there is no water, collecting toxins in the air around him. A kind of coal offers packages with a big stick and three small sticks, depending on how you scatter the sticks at home. The single stick is priced at $ 25.00, which is the same price as the set of three.

Shiro Shampoo

With Shiro shampoo, which are able to use the detoxifying properties of white carbon to revitalize dry or damaged hair. This product uses Char Essence, which is a wood vinegar having a deodorizing and deep cleansing affect. This substance restores natural pH balance in the scalp, which helps moisturize the hair properly without toxins. Basically, you are able to restore shine and eliminate dandruff. You must follow this treatment with a normal shampoo. Shiro shampoo is available for $ 21.00.

Kuro Soap

In the same way you can purify the scalp, soap Kuro allows you to purify your body. Since the objective of the product is to eliminate excessive toxins, this product should be used primarily in normal and oily skin. The formula may be too strong for sensitive skin.

For the full effect, use this soap as you would with any other soap, rinse thoroughly. This product is priced at $ 25.00.

Char Oil Cream

Cream Char oil is intended to be used as a protective barrier against free radicals and other toxins in the environment. This is one of the few formulas that are designed to moisturize and soften dry skin actually. The product uses Char essence, rather than white charcoal in its entirety, for a moisturizing effect. This product can be applied after a bath, or you can rub on the skin when it feels too dry. Handmade in Denmark, this product is listed at $ 33.00.

/ Gift Boxes Travel

If you want to introduce someone else to the restorative powers and detoxifying of white carbon, you can get one of the boxes trip, which contains smaller versions of several products bring in your suitcase. This set includes:

  • edible Kuro powder bags
  • A small bar of soap Kuro
  • binchotan
  • Hai body soap
  • shampoo Shiro
  • Kuro shampoo

contact Sort of coal

If you have additional questions about any of the ingredients or products, you can talk to the customer service department. The company is based in Denmark, so that American consumers might want to stick with email correspondence. You can send your questions to [email protected]~~V


A kind of coal helps to purify all parts of your body and the environment with the versatile white carbon. Detoxification is always a good way to make your body healthier and your home safer. While the products are quite expensive, skills possessed by the white carbon makes it totally worthwhile.

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