Sonäge Presage Moisturizer SPF 15

Sonäge Presage Moisturizer SPF 15

by Teresa G.

I’ve been using the Sonäge Omen moisturizer with SPF 15 ($ 52 in store) and broad spectrum protection UVA / UVB during the last four weeks. I am an Asian woman of 50 years old with normal to dry skin. My skin is not very sensitive to most products. I occasionally still get a stain that I attribute to clog pores so I look for products that are non-comedogenic. I am a person who spends a lot of time watching sports activities outside of my children and some running myself, and I also have previous hyperpigmentation not use sunscreen on my previous years. Therefore sun protection in a moisturizer is very important to me. I try to take at least one rain or shine SPF 40, so that if my moisturizer that contains, I wear a sunscreen on top of moisturizer for added protection.

I expected the product has a pleasant texture and feel to it, provide moisturizing results, and of course, to protect my skin from the sun during the day. After cleaning, I have always used a serum first and then Sonage Omen moisturizer is applied. I have to say that the smell was a bit unpleasant at first, as I was expecting a pleasant smell of luxury moisturizer and instead, it smelled more like a sunscreen that could be purchased at a pharmacy mass market. He went on well without any greasy feeling or have difficulty spreading since I’ve had with other sunscreens containing zinc oxide. Again, because I want the extra protection still I applied my sunscreen with SPF 40+ at the top of the Sonage Omen.

The active ingredients in this product are zinc oxide and 5.0% titanium dioxide 2.5%. These are the best physical barrier sunscreen ingredients that protect the skin in a way that is different from the chemical sunscreens. I do not think I’ve seen a moisturizer that contains however these physical sunscreens, as most contain chemical ingredients. So I felt good using this product knowing that my skin is protected through the use of it.

Overall, I am satisfied with the product. It definitely has the look, smell and feel of a sunscreen, but instead of a moisturizing cream for me, although I’m sure provides moisturizing benefits to my normal to dry skin. I will continue to use and see if my skin hydration improved. If this product contains an SPF of 40, I’d probably buy it as it would eliminate that extra step for me in adding sunscreen. Also, if there was a way to make it smell and feel a little fancier, that would be one more reason to add it to my regime skin care.

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