Sonäge High-Impact Vitamin C Serum

Sonäge High-Impact Vitamin C Serum

By Grace C.

I am 56 years old with large pores, combination skin, and hereditary rosacea. So I’m very particular and demanding when it comes to skin care, the use of non-potentially irritating products or cleaning products on the face. I’m a shift worker, so times that apply my products are not on a regular schedule. Never the less, I work very hard to keep my shiny and smooth skin without blemishes or redness.

After cleaning the face, I applied Sonage High Impact Serum vitamin C ($ 32 in store) about half and half with my usual recipe for rosacea. The smell of serum took me by surprise -. He smelled too much citric and I would expect for a more luxurious


did not notice any difference in voltage or control wrinkles. It is, however, goes well with my medication for rosacea and left my skin smooth and radiant. I will definitely continue using the serum, but only wanted it smelled different.

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