Sonäge A Plus Longevity Complex

Sonäge A Plus Longevity Complex

by Karin P.

In the last four weeks I have been testing Sonäge a Plus Longevity Complex ($ 52 in the shop). I was happy to have been chosen to test this product and eager to see the results of the first application.

Sonäge A Plus Longevity Complex came in a very generous 1.7 fluid ounce bottle. Once opened, you see a pretty pale yellow cream. It is luxuriously thick so you only need a very small amount of the entire face. Since there is a generous amount hesitate to ask the neck and chest. I usually do not use a cream as my daily regimen consisting of serums and oils so the consistency of cream was new to me. Under the impression that all the creams were heavy and not as easily absorbed as serums I have been reluctant to incorporate into my daily regimen candidate. Sonäge A Plus Complex longevity has changed the way I see creams.

In the first application of this cream absorbed fairly quickly and does not leave a film. Moisturized skin and provides a finish cover spray. My skin is 59 years old and is considered normal condition with minimal signs of aging thanks to the truth in aging products. While I have some wrinkles with a loss of elasticity’m anticipating this cream will keep this at bay. I applied Sonäge A Plus Longevity Complex day and night on clean face for 4 weeks. Each application performs the same way – the rapid absorption with dew finish cover. Consistency is something that everyone should treasure in product performance.


of Sonäge A complex Longevity Plus can be attributed to its well thought out set of ingredients that condition skin to its optimum level of hydration. Reliable of safflower and jojoba oils with shea butter, vitamins E, A and C all aid in hydration and skin conditioning ingredients. Antioxidants vitamin A and C, as well as lipoic acid helps in the production of collagen and contribute to anti-aging properties. A preferred ingredient, hyaluronic acid provides a finish cover spray. The fragrance is the last ingredient. The smell is barely detectable for me. I am personally sensitive products that contain fragrance and this had no adverse effect on my skin.

During my 4 weeks of testing I did not see any new wrinkles so can honestly say this did an excellent job of keeping my wrinkles at bay. My skin is fully hydrated and has a good cover spray finish that I find makes it look fresher and younger. A Plus Complex Sonäge feel longevity is not only for dry mature skin. It can be used also in normal skin. It is a creamy moisturizer with good absorption and provides much needed hydration in each application. After four weeks of use I have still a generous amount to the left and a wet look. With that being said Sonäge A Plus Longevity Complex is a plus in my book.

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