Sometimes Your Eye Starts Twitching and Jumping? Here’s what it means and It Is Not Good…

sometimes you can experience eye twitching and wondered what it really means? Contortions comes without warning – when you watch TV, or reading the rooster. At present it is possible that an unexpected movement of the eyelid sitting and is actually a jump muscle or nerve spasm in the area around the eye. In general, spasms eyes is not dangerous, but may signal a serious health problem.


There is no definition for spasms eyes and repetitive blinking or spasm eyelid, especially in the upper eyelid. Both eyes, left and right may be affected by spasm of eye muscles and can last up to a few minutes. Above all, disappear and does not last long.

What is the leading cause of eye twitching?

Well, nobody really knows what eye twitching appears, but is linked to fatigue and stress. Sometimes excessive amounts of snuff, alcohol and caffeine can cause spasms eyes. Dry eyes, allergies and eye irritation may also be possible causes. They are not harmless and do not cause pain.

Sometimes spasms eyes can be caused by neurological disorder such as lateral sclerosis amyothropic or blepharospasm. Blepharospasm is more typical of women and develops in mid-late adulthood. This problem is not serious. However, it can lead to blurred vision, sensitivity to light and muscle spasms in the face.

You should consult an ophthalmologist as quickly as possible if you experience any of these symptoms:

  • If the spasm closes the lid completely
  • If the spasm affects the whole face
  • If the eye spasms last longer than a week
  • If the upper eyelid started drooping
  • If your eyes become red, swollen, or a discharge ocular

Appoint a visit to a doctor and find out what this is all about, because it could have a neurological disorder. If the cause of your eye twitching is not neurological disorder, you should try to get rid of this problem by reducing depression, stress and caffeine intake. More sleep and your hot or cold compresses to relax the eye muscles.


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