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Solazyme Inc. is a publicly traded biotechnology that focuses heavily on sustainable products based on microalgae. Here is our opinion Solazyme .

What is Solazyme?

Solazyme is an American biotechnology company founded in 2003.

The company uses a patented technology to transform a range of sugars from plant sources in low-cost high-value oils. Using this technology, the company offers a wide range of renewable products designed to replace or enhance oils we get from traditional sources -., Like plants, oil and animal fats

The company is led by CEO and founder Jonathan Wolfson. In 2003, Wolfson founded the company in his garage. For 2005, Wolfson and his partner had created a platform of molecular biology of algae that could be used to convert algae into oil.

The company initially focused on the use of this technology to create skin care and personal care products.

Over the years, the company has continued to grow. In the late 2000s, the company focused on creating sustainable algae-based fuels. Solazyme made headlines in 2008, for example, when presented a Mercedes Benz C320 Soladiesel fed algae fuel brand of the company.

The company has also modeled with some big names in recent years, including Chevron, the Department of Defense and Department of Energy of the United States. The United States Department of Defense finally ordered part of diesel fuel marine microalgae based on a test of alternative fuel.

In November 2011, the partnership with the United States Department of Defense led to an innovative test. The US Navy launched its largest alternative fuel test in history, pumping 20,000 gallons of algae-based fuel Solazyme in a naval destroyer who embarks on a journey of 20 hours off the coast of California.

Solazyme products

Today, Solazyme separates its technological efforts into four broad categories including personal care, industrial, food and fuel.

Personal Care

personal care products of the company include alguronic acid, described as a “regenerative protection compound from microalgae that minimizes the appearance of wrinkles.”

Another major product is the complex alignment Algasome, which is a trademark formula that provides a concentrated source of vitamins and antioxidants.

Finally, we AlgaPur and Algenist, both of which are directed towards the market for skin care to provide high levels of hydration while providing skin radiant.


Industrial Products Solazyme includes the use of algae-based solutions as a substitute for oil and petroleum products.

The “solutions” include oleochemicals derived from algae. Oleochemicals are used in a variety of industries and personal care chemicals to make products such as detergents, soaps, cosmetics, and more.

The company also makes replacements algae-based functional fluids that can be used as a substitute for lubricants, hydraulic fluids, and dielectric fluids, among others.

Finally, there Encapso, which is a family of products aimed at reducing friction and delivering superior lubrication for industrial applications.


huge fuel Solazyme division promises to create renewable fuels in the future. Fuels aim to answer questions such as fuel shortages while ensuring energy production for countries around the world. Solazyme fuels also aim to fit perfectly into the existing infrastructure, “that does not require engine modifications for use”.

Some of the key fuel advances created by Solazyme over the years include:

– SoladieselBD :. 100% biodiesel derived from algae that can be used in any engine of standard diesel factory without modification

– SoladieselRD 100% algae-derived renewable diesel fuel that can be used as an alternative to diesel fuel standard and is “chemically indistinguishable from petroleum-based diesel.” When used in vehicles, it releases fewer particles in the air and meets the standards for ultra-low sulfur diesel as indicated by the American Society for Testing and Materials.

– Solajet :. Algae-based aviation fuel renewable delivers faster, farther, and more payload while reducing heat stress wing, reducing smoke emissions and reducing maintenance costs

– military grade: Solazyme has partnered with the US Navy and Department of Defense since 2008. the military grade algae-based fuel is the result of that association. The marine diesel fuel has been tested in some destroyers of the United States Navy.


Solazyme promises to redefine the future of food, providing vegan-friendly food products based on algae . Some of the key products in the lineup include:

AlgaVia Total Algae Ingredients

AlgaWise Oils Algae

the company offers algae-based replacements for protein powders as well as lipid powders that can be used to replace or reduce the amount of oils, egg yolks, and fats used in their recipes.

About Solazyme

Solazyme is led by CEO and founder Jonathan Wolfson.

The company is headquartered in California, the following office location:

Solazyme Inc.
225 Gateway Blvd
South San Francisco, California 94080

you can contact the company by phone at 650-780-4777 or by email using the contact information listed here:

in addition to the headquarters in San Francisco, Solazyme operates a manufacturing plant in Peoria, Illinois and headquarters operations in South America in Sao Paulo.

Solazyme describes its mission as this:

“In Solazyme transformed microalgae, the smallest of organisms in solutions for the world’s biggest problems.”

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