SoFit Protein Snacks – Whole Food Fruit, Seeds & Nuts?

Most snacks that are in stores are not healthy, full of sugars, oils, preservatives? , artificial flavors, and terrible ingredients. If you are looking for a healthy and positive life, then most of what you see is not for you. What you really need is a delicious product full of protein, nutritional value, and the actual ingredients that can actually pronounce.

A brand that is revolutionizing the way you snack called Sofit. The brand has renewed snack products, so you can snack without worrying about weight gain. Instead, you can enjoy all the health benefits achieved through the products.

What is Sofit?

Sofit is a brand up-and-coming that provides individuals with snacks proportions that are packed with protein, antioxidants , vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients for healthy living. Products by Sofit are a direct opposite of hazardous and unhealthy products are in stores and best of all, these healthy snacks are also delicious. Most brand products are made with all-natural ingredients without gluten and GMOs. In this way, you can add in your diet without having to worry about the negative health consequences.

Another advantage of Sofit is that the brand is aware of their health needs. for this reason, snacks Sofit not made with harmful preservatives, chemicals, and artificial flavors. By providing you with substances that actually nourish your body, you can feel happier, healthier and more able to handle the day.

The Complete Protein Profile

Sofit is proud of its products and for good reason. Each brand snacks containing “complete protein” which is very wording of the brand protein gives your body everything it needs to succeed.

The protein products SOFIT available:

  • benefits of weight control, helping you feel full longer
  • support muscle mass to nourish muscles during training and the repair phase
  • Rejuvenation and an energy boost for those with an active lifestyle

as can be seen as the mark and mentions, not all proteins are composed alike. SOFIT proteins are more powerful and effective than your protein bar in the common store bought.

The power behind the protein mixture in SOFIT products are amino acids. Amino acids are needed for growth muscle and tone the body. When amino acids are added to your body, muscles are able to heal faster, leading to a faster recovery time. In addition, amino acids also strengthen the muscles during a workout to have greater resistance for longer.

For endurance during a workout, you should eat a snack before exercising. However, for real recovery, it is best to have the appetizer to attendees. SOFIT products contain 20 different amino acids specifically for powerful and impressive results. Since 9 amino acids provided can not do for your body independently, these amino acids are considered essential. Essential amino acids provided by SOFIT products are not found in all types of health product. Therefore, you are receiving unique health benefits.

Offerings bite

Now that you have a good sense of what Sofit is and what makes it so powerful product, here is an overview of the most popular brand products for I can chop foods that allow your body . Note that although these are the most popular choices, the brand also offers many other options that are just as delicious and nutritious as well.

Square Sofit

Square SOFIT are proportionally sized protein bars for snacks. The appetizer comes in three different flavors, including: almond strawberry, blueberry almond, cherry and Black Almond. If you are wondering why each bar contains almonds – then it is for the simple reason that the almond is one of the healthiest nuts in the market. Each of the three bars is slightly sweet, sour and fruity.

Since the bars are similar to each other in terms of ingredients and nutritional information, only one will be discussed – strawberry almond. This bar contains 160 calories, 60 of which are from fat. The product is low in sugar, containing only 9 grams. In terms of proteins, there are 6 grams and 4% iron and 4% of vitamin C. The major ingredients are dry sugared strawberry, soybean protein, almond oil, sunflower oil, rice flower, brown sugar, glycerin, starch corn, and a few other natural flavors.

Seeds and Nuts

The second selection of products offered by the brand are the bags of nuts and nutritious seeds. Snack packs are filled with complete protiens that give your body the necessary impetus it needs to heal muscles and get through the day. There are three delivery options including: Sunflower seeds sea salt, jalapeno garlic, almonds and sesame seeds pumpkin garlic. In essence, these product packages are nuts and seeds that look, plus additional seasoning.


Finally, there are currently delicious and refreshing compression packages for adults. Compression packages are small packets compression protein that comes in delicious flavors. Packages include: Strawberry Pineapple, Triple Berry, Mango and Orange. The good thing about these packages is that they are made from a real mix of fruit with a touch of honey and a lot of mixing of complete protein of the brand. Protein shake strawberry pineapple contains only 110 calories, 18 grams of sugar, 25% of your daily value of vitamin C, 4% calcium, and 6 grams of whole protein.

The purchase of products

Some food stores are offering the product. However, to easily reach the product, simply order online from the website of the brand or other online retailers. The brand also has a social media page if you would like to know where you can find in your area.


Sofit is an innovative and different approach to SNACKING what we are used to. However, with these healthy ingredients, proportional portions, and a powerful protein complex, you can easily maintain a style better and more positive life. You also do not need to worry about preservatives, artificial flavorings and other ingredients that damage your body.

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