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SmartPlate calls itself the world’s first smart plate. Instantly analyzes everything you eat to help you make smarter, healthier eating. Here is our opinion SmartPlate.

What is SmartPlate?

First we had smartphones. Then we had smart appliances. And now, officially, we have smart boards. Thanks to SmartPlate we first intelligent plate world instantly analyzes everything you eat.

The SmartPlate has been presented in Shark Tank (sharks did not like) and other major media. After selling its initial pre-orders, shipping will SmartPlate second round of orders in the fall of 2016.

By using the plate correctly, the manufacturer claims you can achieve your diet goals with faster enhance sport performance , and optimize their food intake. Plate manufacturers have even claimed they could cure the obesity crisis in the United States :. The plaque tells you when you’re eating too fast, for example, using a screen in the center of the plate

Let’s take a closer look at how it works exactly SmartPlate.

How does SmartPlate work?

SmartPlate comes equipped with advanced sensors and object recognition weigh scales. These sensors can identify the device automatically weigh and analyze food intake, giving you a complete picture of your eating habits.

After identifying and weighing the food, the plate a total of calories will be displayed in the center of the plate, which gives a constant reminder of the amount of energy that is consumed with each meal.

If you start eating too fast, then that center screen also warn you to slow.

Your SmartPlate can connect to any wireless device to track your meals instantly without manual data entry required.

you can also be used to establish your SmartPlate pre and post training requirements, helping to ensure that you stick with your regimen.

And, if you accidentally (or intentionally) over-serves himself on his plate, then SmartPlate will give an alert Patrol portion, which helps you stay on track and achieve their goals of weight loss.

The device connects via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi for any iPhone or Android device. You can also integrate with SmartPlate MyFitnessPal and Fitbit for maximum diet and exercise counseling.

In addition to tracking food, SmartPlate helps you maintain special diets, providing more than 200 customized and personalized eating plans that cater to different dietary needs recipes. SmartPlate diet plans categorized as healthy heart , ambient pressure, and Diabetes -Friendly, for example.

The panel itself has 10 “or surface area and the size of the board is specially designed to avoid” portion distortion “and help you control your eating habits.

Ah, and SmartPlate is completely safe for the microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher.

using SmartPlate

using SmartPlate is simple. Fill your plate with food, then open the SmartPlate application on your mobile device .

then click on the Adjust to open a camera within the application option. Take a photo of your plate and then send it. the application will scan the plate within a few seconds before giving full nutritional information for that meal.

Watch the video test here , where a user takes a picture of the garden salad and instantly receive feedback on the content of that salad. the results page SmartPlate application tells the calories, protein, carbohydrates, sugar, fiber, fat, sodium, and the total weight of the food you are about to eat. After adding a meal, you should add it to your journal to keep track of your food over time.

SmartPlate pricing

SmartPlate is priced at $ 119 for a SmartPlate with a lid.

This is the price preorder shipments that are sent out in the fall of 2016. SmartPlate manufacturers claim that this is a 20% discount on the normal retail price of $ 149.You you can also save more money by ordering multiple plates at a time. This is how the pricing is broken down:

  • 1 SmartPlate + Cover: $ 119
  • 2 SmartPlates + Cover: $ 225
  • 4 SmartPlates + Tapa: $ 425

The plate is available in four different colors, including purple, green, pink and blue.

Are SmartPlate really work?

You may think – I eat some food pretty weird sometimes. SmartPlate can really provide accurate information about everything you like on a daily basis?

SmartPlate is a remarkable achievement identifiable. The board has the title of first device connected world that instantly track everything you eat with the deployment of advanced object recognition, weight sensors, and artificial intelligence. A patent is pending.

SmartPlate manufacturers claim that comes up to 99.9% accuracy in just one second using “advanced recognition algorithms food.”

All SmartPlate weight sensors can measure up to 1500 grams (3 pounds) of food at a time, without additional calculations required.

As you continue using SmartPlate, the device can learn more about their habits and become “smarter, faster and more accurate over time.”

It is also important to note that the SmartPlate can not perform magic tricks: you can not pay a big burrito at the top of the weight scale and expect to receive a complete nutritional profile of that donkey instantly . You will have to cut the burrito in half and the point of the cross section towards the camera.

So far, only SmartPlate simply going to market, customer feedback real way they are hard to find. However, the first critical SmartPlate prototype versions were very positive, with comments praising the exact shape of the plate could be in the identification of different types of food -. Even the subtle differences between the barks of white wheat bread and all

Ultimately, SmartPlate manufacturers have put a lot of effort into making the board works as advertised to identify foods. It is the central feature of the plate. So far, the board has shown us that this promise is fulfilled easily.

Who does SmartPlate?

SmartPlate is made by a company called, well coordinated. That company is a twice winner of the Digital Health “with a proven track record of technological innovation investigated,” according to the official website of the company.

The team behind SmartPlate includes founder and CEO Anthony Ortiz, an experienced entrepreneur who founded a company called EcoExpress transport logistics, which grew to a company of 30 people and sold within 18 months.

Other team members include Dr. Honglak Lee appears as the principal investigator SmartPlate. Harry Du is chief operating well coordinated and Julia Nitsche is in charge of business development. You can see more details about the computer on its website.

You can contact the well-coordinated team SmartPlate here:

must be used SmartPlate to help you stay healthy?

SmartPlate is not for everyone. Many of us have no need or desire for intelligent critic plate on our dinner table. However, some people could use a little extra dietary guidance. Some people are told how many calories are welcome on your plate, or the amount of protein consumed in the past 24 hours.

If you are interested in keeping track of everything you eat, then SmartPlate can help you do that. At a price of $ 119, which is probably the most expensive dish you’ll ever buy. But when it’s microwaveable, dishwasher safe and refrigerator-safe, will not have problems using your SmartPlate for every meal of the day.

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