Smartphone’s Light Affects The Brain And Body (infographic)

probably they know now, but smartphones release a blue light that makes you clearly read the screen even in the sunniest days.

That light is not adapting a day .. for laptops, televisions and other appliances also is emitted all the time. This light mimics the sun and makes the brain mistaken to think that the day outside, even when it is night. Therefore, the brain stops releasing melatonin and have difficulty sleeping. So experts advise to remove all electronic or stop using them a few hours before bedtime.

Melatonin is released into the body through a small organ in the brain – this is called pineal gland and works a few hours before bedtime. They studied more about this topic and blue light induce insomnia and found that is due to photoreceptor called Melanopsin. The melanopsin was recently discovered in the retinal ganglion cell reacting to blue light.

Smartphone’s Light Affects The Brain And Body (infographic)

Since then, studies found that users phone before sleeping have more difficulty falling asleep.

The effect is worse for teenagers, as they are more sensitive to this than adults. It is because the circadian rhythm shifts in adolescence and makes adolescents more awake. TV or video games are enough to cause insomnia for an hour or more.

The blue light is not the worst thing …

Department of Physiology and Biophysics Cell Colombia University, Dr. Martin achieved blank in a group of experts who appealed to the UN about these dangers of electromagnetic radiation from mobile or wireless.


Many of the concerns about such devices as causing even cancer. The brain of a child receives radiation 4 times more than an adult and unfortunately all children have the electronics around them.

In China, if you are addicted to this type of electronic products it called an official clinical disorder. And many rehabilitation centers have youth in them to isolate electronics. however this has not been proven if it works.

What to do?

First, limit use before bedtime and turn everything off before bedtime. Try reading instead.

Or download the F.lux altering the display screen to be warm at night and bright during the day, so the blue light does not affect you much. There are similar applications for phones too. What really matters, try to download them.

here is their website to provide more display themes and sleep problems and explain more in F.lux.

Trying to get a better quality of sleep, even tonight!

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