Trying to weight loss is not an easy process. Everyone should know that we must remain helthy. To do this we need to make some small changes in our habits.

Here we find what we can do:

1. Eat more in the morning, less at night

Eating more in the morning activates and speeds up your metabolism, and you will have this time to burn calories throughout the day. But at night, not really.

2. Drink more water

This is particularly important in many ways, and one of them is to fill the stomach with liquid and slow food cravings.

3. Small Plates, less food

small plate

So not only will you eat less food, but subconsciously think that load the plate for the second time will be a surplus.

4. Instead of frying, cook the food on the grill

With this, cook in their oiliness without having to “swim” in oil.

5. Discard the coffee milk.

By adding milk in coffee, for a year you can connect up two kilos.

6. Eat less. but more times in a day
7. Adhere to the shopping list

The appearance of the products and how they are arranged in the market are such that make the purchase. Especially unhealthy food. So do list at home and buy only those products you really need.

8. Move around the side shelves in markets

The Pleasants and snacks are usually in the central parts of markets and healthy food They located on the sides. Lest you dare to grope, move aside.

9. Avoid soft drinks

There are alternatives for juices that are much better than soft drinks. Studies have shown that a can of this juice in a day can increase the weight of 7 kg.

10.Brush teeth more often throughout the day

This is going to “scams” your brain to think you eat.

11. Go to bed earlier

Studies have shown that eating more unsleepiness drivers, especially when you’re awake late at night

12. insetad make an effort to go to the gym, find some fun in outdoor physical activities such as running, cycling, climbing, etc.
13. Look in blue

The research showed that blue makes us less hungry, because rarely advertising for food in this color are fences. What we can now do is buy blue plates and blue tablecloth.

14. Park your car farther away from your destination

Of course, if you have the time and weather conditions allow this. A short walk will take effect on your body weight in the long term.
With this, your metabolism will be activated all the time and burn.


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