Sleep Paralysis – Get Facts on Inability to Move While Asleep

If you have ever personally experienced sleep paralysis, you will know what a terrible experience it

[ sleep paralysis – Get information about the inability to move while sleeping

according to the [] Mayo Clinic 19459007 , sleep paralysis is a temporary inability to move or speak while he is falling asleep or waking up. These episodes are usually brief – lasting a few seconds or minutes

Sleep paralysis does not cause any harm, but being unable to move can be very frightening .. Those who experience sleep paralysis are often terrified -. An understandable reaction have no voluntary control over the movements of one of

can affect people of all ages. Men and women are equally affected. It is more common in adolescents and young adults.

In a study conducted at Pennsylvania State University found that about 8 percent of the population has frequent problems with sleep paralysis. People with mental disorders, such as anxiety and depression , are more likely to frequent episodes of sleep paralysis ( 1 ).

This temporary paralysis usually occurs during sleep rapid eye movement (REM) sleep period during which most dreaming occurs.

during REM sleep our muscles are completely paralyzed (apart from the eyes and respiratory tract). This temporary immobility during REM sleep can prevent your body from acting out dream activity

Factors that may be related to sleep paralysis include :.

What can be done about sleep paralysis?

no need to fear the demons of the night or aliens. If you have sleep paralysis occasionally, you can take steps at home to control the disorder. Web MD recommended to get enough sleep, relieve stress in your life – especially right before bedtime. Try new positions to sleep if you sleep on your back

Note: .. See your doctor if you routinely sleep paralysis prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep

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