“Sleep” hormone reawakens your youth gene

You could be 80 years old and feels like a teenager.

Or you could be in their 30s and feel like you have one foot in the grave.

The secret to feeling young is the way your body “talks” to their telomeres.

When doing research for my next book on how to benefit from the biology of telomeres, I discovered an interesting fact. Telomeres have receptors that communicate with their hormones. They talk to each other.

That’s important because their hormones and their telomeres affect aging more than anything else. If you have “good” talks feels (and keep) young. If you have “bad” conversations you can age faster than their chronological age.

levels juvenile hormones say telomeres, “are still young and strong! Continue to rebuild and revitalize these cells.”

The opposite happens when you have too little of a specific hormone . Pointing the telomere you are “old.” Repair and maintenance work slows down. The cell becomes older, slower and less active behavior.

One of the most notable examples of this is the way the hormone “sleep” melatonin affects aging and telomeres.

Many studies show that the antioxidant power of melatonin prevents telomere shortening. 1

But a group of researchers was investigating the use of melatonin for eye health. They found that melatonin eye protected by increasing telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds telomeres. 2

Another study also examined the role of melatonin in the activation of telomerase. 37 (young and old) rats were divided into two groups. During 21 days, one group received melatonin and the control group has nothing.

They tested each group for telomerase activity. Both young and old rats, those given melatonin had significant increases telomerase. 3

is very simple: increased melatonin helps telomere signal through their hormone receptors, to increase telomerase. This helps build a younger body at any age.

1. To safely get more melatonin, the first thing I want to do is normalize their own production of melatonin.

This has much to do with the removal of artificial electromagnetic around. You can stop the brain to produce enough melatonin. [Note:Voyaestarhablandoconustedmásacercadeestetipoderadiacióncómopuedeafectarasucuerpoycómoprotegersedeélenunpróximonúmerodemi confidential Curas newsletter. Please Click here to subscribe now so you can be the first to get this vital information.]

You should try to be aware of the electronic signals in your bedroom.

  • Do you listen to the radio while you’re trying to sleep by sending music from your smartphone to a Bluetooth speakerphone?
  • Does the phone next to your bed at night?
  • Does your DVR, laptop, iPad and phone in your room all night?

get rid of them. And unplug the TV at night. This interferes with the production of melatonin during the night.

2. Once you have stabilized and improved natural melatonin function, then you can search for ways to get more of the same for the anti-aging .

melatonin have called a ‘hormone, “and it is. And I know that for some people, it may seem alarming. People have experienced side effects of artificial hormones.

But natural hormones at the right levels are completely safe. Melatonin is one of the safest. There is no evidence to date of tarnishing their perfect safety record. 4

Although foods like pineapples, bananas, oranges, oats, sweet corn, rice, tomatoes and barley contain melatonin, enough from your diet is very difficult.

Instead, it is best to find a completely natural supplement melatonin and high quality.

Many doctors and health experts recommend about 3 mg a day for treatment. About 500 mcg is for prevention. That’s fine for eye health and as a sleep aid. But to increase the expression of telomerase and help lengthen their telomeres, you need a much larger dose.

In my Center for Health and Welfare, now recommend that patients taking 10 mg of this substance daily to launch the expression of telomerase. It is a much larger dose of what most doctors recommend is heard. But that’s because they have not heard of its effect on their telomeres.

A difficult thing about melatonin is the form it comes in. Not as effective in a pill, because it will take longer to enter the bloodstream. And pills that are not well made are destroyed in your gut, and you never get the full effect. Look melatonin liquids, sprays or anti-aging creams. They are fast and affordable action.

To your good health,
Al Sears, MD

Al Sears, MD

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