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witnessing the birth of a miracle in the beauty

Sometime during the era? the disc scientists SK-II music began their journey long range in search of the miracle ingredient that would change the face of beauty forever. Fate has willed that scientists would come across sake manufacturers of age.

To be more precise, they met with aging faces, but perfectly preserved youthful hands. It could be that after years and years of searching for the same thing they wanted was here, literally, in the hands of these manufacturers sake?

The secret had been elude

Once back in the laboratory scientists were persecuted by the faces of old hands with mismatched youth manufacturers sake. Trapped inside those four walls with these images inundating their minds of scientists concluded that the secret of youth must be in the hands Sake yeast.

This was the product during the fermentation process that was constantly in contact with hands brewer. This conclusion leading to the hard test of more than 350 different strains of yeast. More than a decade was used by scientists to scrutinize every detail of each strain in search of a strain having the key. The key would be the birth of a miracle beauty.

The promise of Pitera

The miracle of beauty has been discovered and its name is Pitera. This is a liquid which is derived from natural fermentation process. This clear liquid is charged amino acids and organic, as well as minerals and vitamins.

The combination creates the perfect beauty tool that has been shown to dramatically improve the natural ability of the skin to rejuvenate. Pitera is almost a clone of NMF or natural moisturizing factors which is a major element in determining a person’s skin softness, smoothness, translucency and restoration.

The study of Akita

Scientists SK-II entered the quaint town and reserved Akita and began what was to be the first of its kind study research done by a beauty mark. Over a ten year period they were analyzed complex changes in facial patterns of more than one hundred women.

This scrutiny lead to a redefinition of the conventional idea of ​​beauty. It was discovered during this groundbreaking study that was not the time dictated the appearance of age. Rather, a balance of brightness, smoothness, firmness, clarity and fine lines and little Pitera was the source of these things. You work deep into the skin Pietra is filled with over 50 essential nutrients to the skin and ageless beauty that we are all trying to achieve.

SK-II products

SK-II has everything you need to retain their youthful appearance and skin. It is very well organized for you by skin concerns and product form. All of which, of course, contain that miracle of miracles ingredient Pitera.

refers to the skin

  • smooth skin
  • skin tone / spots
  • radiant skin
  • Wrinkle
  • Firmness

product Forms

  • eye ​​Care
  • Essences beauty
  • Cleaning Products
  • Toners
  • Moisturizers
  • Masks

SK-II includes beauty

as the world of beauty defines perfection can be obtained within five elements:

  • refined texture
  • Wrinkle resilience
  • Control Point
  • Firmness
  • Glow

SK-II has adopted a holistic approach to these five degrees and realize that for every person those grades may be slightly different. For this reason, the regime of skin care for you to take into account not only their personal skin problems, but also their lifestyle. This leads to the advancement and innovation regarding their skin care.

Beauty Imaging

The latest technology created by scientists from SK-II is the system of images of beauty.

This cutting-edge technology is a tool that will analyze your skin and is only available in SK-II counters. This tool measures the reaction of the skin to the “five elements” and literally gives skin age. Using this tool will allow your regime skin care to be blended specifically for the type and age of your skin.

Where I can get my Pitera?

product line SK-II is available worldwide and very easily purchased on their website . It can also be found in most Sephora stores. However, if you want the added benefit system images of beauty, then you should go to a real beauty SK-II counter.

Most Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue stores have a counter SK-II and it is there that can be analyzed skin and have the perfect beauty regime created specifically for the skin.

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