The human body is working all the time, damage repair and adapt to their environment. There are some tricks that will help you break him.

If you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, try to keep one eye open. If the bright light bulb comes in both eyes, your body will think it’s time to wake up and so you will have more difficulty falling asleep again. However, if one eye closed holds, your brain adjusts much easier to darkness and you will be able to fall sleep faster.

The next time is a headache, do not massage temples, but pull the ear instead. When the temples, helps release tension around his eyebrows, while nerve pathways around the ears can relax the whole body rubs. Take your ear between thumb and forefinger and pull gently up and down. It will be released fresh fluid to the brain and give a little extra food.

  • The correct way to swallow pills

If you have difficulty swallowing medicines, try this: put the pill in the mouth and tilt your head forward before swallowing. When you lean forward, the swallowing reflex is activated and your body must swallow the pill alone.

brain freeze often occurs in summer. It is when we can not wait to sink his teeth into the ice cream Popsicle. Then, the brain tries to protect itself from rapid changes in temperature. You can get rid of this problem by pressing the tongue against the roof of the mouth. The heat will relax the blood vessels and the headache is quickly relieved.

If you are in a situation where you should not be crying, even if you really want, do this: find a few different points in the room and look intently at them. Repeat the colors of these objects over and over again in his head. pulse decrease and distracting.

When you have too much time sitting cross-legged or arm fell asleep and all pins and needles. You can try two things :. Tense the muscles of the body and shake or jump awkwardly on one leg and wait for punctures and needles disappear

Furthermore, it can slowly roll your head from side to side. The feeling is going to drop the nerves or vessels that have put pressure or blood flow is interrupted. This will not help with your feet, so you only need to activate them by performing the awkward dance.

Hiccups can be caused by eating too fast, swallowing air, temperature changes in the stomach, or when excited. This is a trick you need to try to experience hiccups next time: open your mouth and swallow several times leaving his mouth open. Thus, the diaphragm relaxes and hiccups disappear.

  • Do not be afraid of needles

Not only children, but also adults are afraid of needles. Try this the next time you go to the doctor: Coughing slightly a few times when the needle is to be placed and the procedure should ne without pain. The body is distracted, so it is probably the reason this trick works.


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