SimySkin Plase II Anti-Aging Eye Serum 25-45

When TIA asked if I wanted to try to SimySkin Phase II Anti-Aging Eye Serum 25 -45 ($ 85 at the store), gladly they said yes, I was down the last weeks of my expertise and anticipating a string of all nighters. I did not expect a miracle, but thought a little more support would be good while I abused her eyes too much coffee and the inevitable frown her face sits on while you look down the cursor blinking at 3:00 a.m.

But a miracle actually gave me! Too much caffeine and not enough sleep are hard enough in his eyes, but my poor peepers really was a blow ten days old, the baby of my sister landed in the hospital with pneumonia. Along with school, I was helping out with his two eldest sons, while she and her husband took the baby. Between fatigue and concern for the baby, I was in tears, at least twice a day, and living on leftover Halloween candy and black coffee. I am very happy to report that your baby is fully recovered, and I’m also very happy to know that my eyes are almost as soft as your little ass.

Not only do I look no worse for wear, my eyes look better than ever – up, plump and smooth. My usual expression lines are filled, my eye area hydrated, and with maintaining my bright and beautiful eyelids, SimySkin also kept my eczema at bay. Besides the usual ugly that happen when you do not sleep and eat shit, I always reaction with eczema; in fact, I have spots around the mouth and between the fingers, but my eyes remained healthy and free from itching. I am very impressed with this serum and, to get right to it, I recommend it.

SimySkin organizes its product line according to age (18-25, 25-45 and over 45 years, I am in the group of 25-45) and uses technology to make its nanomedicine treatments. As I understand it, nanomedicine offers a more selective delivery of treatment and, in the case of skin care, allows deeper penetration of active ingredients. The serum was very compatible with my regular routine. Although it feels rich and emollient, it is weightless, absorbs quickly and blends well with sunscreen and night cream. My eyeliner made spot, but a little loose powder on top proved to be an easy solution.

SimySkin recommends massaging the serum into the skin and even gives you the tools to do so: the top of the pump is a golden ball small (about the size of an impressive pea), which is used to massage serum on the skin for better penetration. It was both exhilarating and relaxing, my skin tingled pleasantly, and I guess that helped drain fluid and accumulated toxins.

Vitamin B12 is the signature ingredient line. I’ve heard a lot about vitamin B in skin and hair care, especially B3 (niacin), and I was very impressed by Medik8 Hydr8 , with B5. But vitamin B does not seem to generate great excitement that A, C and E (at least not as far as I can tell) do, but the more I read about it, the more I want. SimySkin says that B12 is said “to have regenerative effects – hydration and helping to prevent wrinkles, moisturize dry skin and relieving inflammation” and further reading reveals that heals injuries, prevents dermatitis and gives the skin an even tone and healthy glow. Folic acid is also a key ingredient in eye serum SimySkin Phase II is said to support healthy DNA, which influences the length of telomeres. Phase II also features peptides including palmitoyl tetrapeptide-7 and Lipopeptide pal-GQPR, which reduce inflammation and improve firmness. Hesperidin methyl chalcone is the ingredient that I can thank you for keeping my dark circles at bay, hyaluronic acid, undoubtedly helped fill the weary eyelids, and juice Sorghum bicolor stalk (which I had never heard ) lifts and tightens the skin by creating an elastic film that drags everything in place (which seems doubtful, but like I said, my eyes looked great).

Its no active ingredients include emollients, preservatives and fragrances, almost all of which are rated safety Environmental Working Group. The ingredients that make getting bad grades are fragrances, the only disappointing aspect of this serum. They did not bother my skin, but fragrances are known irritants and I think it’s a shame to diminish (even slightly) such a fantastic product with a few bad ingredients.

The anti-aging serum II phase is $ 85, but well worth the investment. And after five weeks of using this twice a day, I still have half a tube on the left and am excited to see what Simy plus some sleep and proper diet can do for my eyes. Again, I recommend this product

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