Show 966: The Benefits of Butter

For decades, Americans have been warned to stay away from the cheese and butter leave


the saturated fat was thought to clog arteries and cause heart attacks and early death. But what was the basis for these warnings?

Where is the science?

Science of popular recipes for low-fat diet is surprisingly thin. Many of the recommendations have become political attracted both policy and research.

Are there unintended consequences to follow a low-fat diet? What role should play the vegetable oil in a heart healthy approach to eating?

We discussed Mediterranean, low-fat Atkins diet type, first learn about some interesting research on nutrition and consider how diet recommendations can become so emotionally charged.

this week invited

Nina Teicholz is an investigative journalist who has written for The New York Times , the Washington Post and. New Yorker

Their bestseller is Big Fat Surprise :. Why butter, meat and cheese belong to a healthy diet

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