Show 1044: The Truth about Statins and Heart Disease

What do you know about cholesterol-lowering drugs known as statins popular? Are the miraculous life-saving drugs, or pose a health threat because of the possible side effects? Get the lowdown on statins and heart disease.

Two views on statins

talked with two experts statins and heart disease to reach the heart of the matter. They have different views on the value of statins, but their views on what should we do to protect our hearts are not as divergent as you might imagine.

pros and cons of statins

To know about the pros and cons of statins so you can determine if one of these medications are appropriate for you. In addition to learning about statins and heart disease you will also learn about other approaches you can take to keep your heart as healthy as possible. You will also find the way to judge the risk of heart disease through the Hazard Scale Reynolds Dr. Nissen recommend or American Heart Association / American College of Cardiology calculator cardiovascular risk . It also suggests the shared decision making between the doctor and patient to determine when a statin is appropriate.

Guests this week:

Steven Nissen, MD, is chairman of the Department of Robert and Suzanne Tomsich of Cardiovascular Medicine at the Cleveland Clinic. He is the co-author, with Mark Gillinov, MD, of Heart 411: The Only Guide to heart health that you always need . the most recent publications of Dr. Nissen cover drugs for lowering cholesterol than statins. They have been published in American Heart Journal December 2015 ; European Heart Journal , May 1, 2016 ; Cardiology Clinic March 2016 ; JAMA , Apr. 19, 2016 ; American Heart Journal June 2016 ; and American Journal of Cardiology June 15, 2016 . The photo is Dr. Nissen.

David M. Diamond, PhD, is a professor in the departments of Psychology and Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology at the University of South Florida. He is affiliated with the Center for preclinical and clinical research on PTSD. He is director of the USF Neuroscience collaboration and research career scientist at the Veterans Hospital J. A. Haley. His recent articles have been published in Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology March 2015 and BMJ Open June 12, 2016 .

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