Should We Eat Dirt?

Brand Sisson digs into the mysterious practice of geophagia.

few weeks ago I got into an unusual conversation with a guy in a coffee shop. The two were passing through town – and me for personal travel for business. We struck up a conversation waiting in line and we ended up chatting for the rest of our respective stops there. We talk about what we did, where we are headed, etc. When I mentioned the blog and PB philosophy behind him, his face lit up. He loved the idea and had embraced similar principles several years earlier. His latest experiment, the effects on health of which he raved, dirt added to your diet. I listened with interest and asked questions.

Everyone knows I’m big on earth and, more specifically, probiotic supplementation. And while I have touched on the health benefits of dirt, the properties of immune development of consumption dirt in children, and the connection between dirt and clinical depression in children, I have never met anyone who did a personal habit of ingesting soil. He had heard of the practice in traditional societies, but had always been one of those concepts that I thought about past and filed for another time. The idea has been on my mind since that exchange. Read more

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