She Noticed Brown Spots On Her Hands, Then She Removed Them With This…

aging brings many changes in the body. However, it seems that the changes that affect our physical appearance are the most difficult to accept.

One not so terrible thing, however, are age spots.

They usually occur in areas that are frequently exposed to the sun such as the face and hands. Although not harmful, age spots can be a major aesthetic problem, especially because they can weaken person self-confidence.

Good news – Dr. Doug Willen has a solution for you. Dr. Doug Willen, the author of Quantum Paleo and a practitioner of natural medicine, age spots can be removed effectively using only a couple of natural ingredients.

The video then explains how to mix the apple cider vinegar and onion juice for treating age spots. If you are wondering how to make onion juice, it is actually very simple. Cut a fresh onion and crush with a mortar and pestle. You can easily process onion this way. Then mixed in a food processor with apple cider vinegar.

According to Dr. Doug, when you get to the prepared mixture, which is applied to the affected skin areas with cotton.

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