She Lost Staggering 380 Kilograms and Is Turning Her Life Around-the New Photos Prove It


34 years old, Mayra Rosales managed to reach the weight of 470 kg to 90 kg in just five years. After the great struggle that has not returned to old habits and this is what it looks like today.

The most important thing in the transformation of Mayra was the trial in 2011, where he was released from charges that she “pumpkins and nephew killed two years Elisha with his grotesque body.” His sister, the mother of Elisha, and mistreated admitted abusing the child and is now serving a sentence of 15 years. The terrible incident occurred in 2008 when Mayra was the focus of public opinion. “I gave up on myself, and so I decided to help my sister. That’s why I confessed the crime for which I know I am not guilty. I knew my sister was abusing the child, I shouted, it beat … However, the court was on the side of justice, “she says. His life was full of sadness and impotence. “I thought I was dying. Everything before this was not life and began to discover things now. I learn how to walk, do some common things like going to the store. I’m getting used to my new body. Now I can do things” says Mayra, who achieved incredible success in weight loss through many surgeries, training, change of diet, but also strenuous psychological sessions. His radical transformation Mayra gave excellent results and will not give up this aspect.

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