She Had Terrible Stomach Pains: Doctors Thought She Was Dying, and Then They Pulled This Miracle!


Shree medical clinic in western India, have recently conducted a very strange intervention! From the stomach, 17-year-old girl took a whole kilogram of hair.

She For years it has suffered from a rare disorder that causes her constantly chew hair . Only unbearable abdominal pain forced her to contact a doctor!

already three years had a stomachache, gynecological problems or copied. Began

started taking painkillers or how to help, and not considering culminating acute pain in the stomach, who was unable to stand, it puts an end to the operation elimination of the enormous ball of yarn.

When the scanner is made, all physicians principle thought it was a tumor, but only when they opened the stomach, discovered a horrible scene !

She later admitted that 12 years eating her hair! in three years their parents have given them more than 6,000 euros various tests and analysis but not doctor could not detect what is .


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