She Cured Her BREAST CANCER with This Tea! She Now Recommends It to Every Woman!

she-cured-her-breast-cancer-with-this-tea-she-now-recommends-it-to-every-woman The main symptoms of breast cancer are the appearance of lymph nodes and the breast changes and skin. It is also known that excess estrogen can stimulate further growth of a tumor.

That’s why many women use certain edible allegedly affecting metabolism and help with the absorption of estrogen.

A lymph and blood cleansing tea

Mix 15 grams of fresh clover with 5 grams of fresh herb St. John and 1 raspberry leaf, then pour hot water over the mixture, cover and leave for at least ten minutes.

All you have to do then is to drink 2-3 large glasses of this mixture daily for a period of 14 days. As simple as that!

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