Shampoo-Resistant Lice Succumb to Listerine

P I have two daughters, ages 6 and 11. My oldest daughter brought home head lice and it was a nightmare. Over-the-counter lice shampoos did nothing.

This went on for six months until my mother-in-law suggested using the old Listerine in her hair. It kills lice and makes it easier to comb the nits.

Every week before going to school to spray your hair with Listerine. So far it is working.

A. lice have developed resistance to chemicals in most shampoos and conditioners lice. According to Consumer Reports (8 September 2014), removing the lice and nits (eggs) for 24 days is the surest way to overcome infestations.

Listerine contains alcohol that kills lice. Applying a diluted vinegar solution can then loosen the glue that holds nits to the hair and make them easier to remove.

lice could also be smothered with coconut oil, cleanser Cetaphil or even Vaseline. As noted in our previous article, petrolatum (Vaseline) is extremely difficult to wash hair, so it should be reserved as a last resort.

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