Sex Tips For New Moms

New mothers have a hell of a lot to do. So it is not difficult to understand how sex could fall to the bottom of their priority list.

Needless to say, however, that some women absolutely want to get back in the saddle after giving birth. I’ve heard those extra hormones can make very, very hot indeed!

do not really know how he does mummies. Sometimes, after eight hours at work and infernal underground house I cringe at the thought of dropping my underwear.

do not stress about post-partum sex

“Some women can not wait to jump back in bed and you can feel warmer than normal but for most is that is completely upside down. After having a baby her hormones will be all over the place, mix it with sleepless nights, dirty diapers and schedule that had to do Beyonce cry and of course we will continue in sex.

“you may also waive wash hair, eat properly and respond to texts. At this point, everything is not a necessity, of course, just take a back seat.

“The most important thing you can do is not to dwell on it, do not become a big problem so when he feels well again you can enjoy it,” says Annabelle.
Your emotional changes, likely to affect their sexual desire

“Changes in women feel about sex after having a baby mother a deep chemical and emotional changes in the brain during and after pregnancy “Annabelle said.

“Activity increases in brain regions that control empathy, anxiety and social interaction, which is caused by the large amount of hormones that receives during pregnancy.

” very few women collect their normal sexual routine after having a child, which for some could be a matter of weeks, but for others it may be much longer. “

Enjoy mutual masturbation

“it is very important to note that how quickly you start having sex after delivery is entirely dependent on the couple. Very few women collect their normal sexual routine immediately after having a child.

“For some six weeks are needed, and for others is six months.

” Do not underestimate what your body has been through, it takes time to cure everything, especially if you have had a caesarean section. You may have residual pain for several weeks, my advice is always, do what makes you happy and comfortable.

“If your sexual desire is creeping back, but your body is not ready then to enjoy the external mutual masturbation, you will feel satisfied without putting any extra pressure on your body,” she says.
Take into account the physical changes after childbirth too

“, swollen, sore breasts leaking, a caesarean healing stretch vaginal muscles and uterus engorged. Sounds great right?

“Do not fret all this is completely normal and to be expected, too, none of this is permanent so do not worry,” says Annabelle

breastfeeding can cause vaginal dryness

“This is true, but does not affect all women in the same way,” he explains.

“However, in general, when Brea * st fuel your body suppresses ovulation, think of it as a natural form of contraception. It is the shape of your body to prevent it from falling pregnant again too quickly.

“The suppression of ovulation causes estrogen levels to dip, which can lead to vaginal dryness.

” Fortunately vaginal dryness does not have to mean the end of your sex life . There is absolutely a lot of fantastic lubricants out there to help alleviate the problem.

“For regular sex try a silicone lubricant, which is nice and thick and long lasting. If you are using toys to opt for a lubricant water based and if you slip into something a little more taboo one anal lubricant quality is what you need. “
Share will make responsibilities more attractive sex

” the reality of having a newborn is not finding time for sex, for newborns sleep about 17 hours a day, it comes to finding the will. Your baby may be asleep for most of the time, but it will be flooded with new jobs.

“a recent study showed that new mothers have 26 new tasks to carry out every day with a newborn in the house. So bedtime is more likely to choose sleep over sex.

“The tip to overcome this is teamwork,” advises Annabelle.

“Women with a partner who is actively involved joint responsibility for household chores, feeding, diaper changes and all the other things that come with having a report baby that your sex life back to the normally much faster than women who most of the responsibility for your account.

“After all, what could be sexier than a man in marigolds!”
top tips for new moms

1. accept that your body has changed and that sex is going to feel different. If this bothers you wear something that makes you feel great in bed, dim the lights and choose a position in which you feel more comfortable.

2. Invest in some lubricant to all the women I’ve spoken with lubricant as a staple of their sex life now. Wetter sex is better sex!

3. Reducing noise

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