Sensodyne Sensitive Teeth & Acid Erosion Toothpaste

Sensodyne ProNamel is a toothpaste company that has developed products that are safe for children and adults, especially people with sensitive teeth. This is our opinion.

What is Sensodyne ProNamel?

Sensodyne ProNamel is a product line of toothpaste that are serving, but are not intended directly to consumers with sensitive teeth and acid erosion. Most people do not understand the damage they put their teeth on a regular basis. Also, if you are busy, it is likely that the teeth as much as expected, adding to the potential that your teeth could be going through this time do not brush erosion. That’s where ProNamel Sensodyne is able to help.

Many dentists recommend using one of the products Sensodyne ProNamel if you are experiencing erosion due to acidic foods. A simple examination with your dentist would be able to tell if you are at risk of erosion in the first place. However, if one takes into account how much you consume high in acidic ingredients, you can probably make an educated guess how bad it could be the damage.

The causes of acid erosion

The greatest problem of acid erosion is that many foods contain acid that will not even consider. Most of the time, consumers and advertisers focus on the importance of removing plaque from the gums. This aspect of dental health is important, but often causes consumers to forget that the acid is often the cause of weakened teeth.

may not even realize the food you’re eating is bad for your teeth, because a lot of acidic foods are healthy and necessary for your diet. Some common healthy options that contain high levels of acid include soft drinks, fruit juices, lemon added to water, and salad dressings. Some of foodstuffs acids not-so-health include coffee, wine and soft drinks. Basically, all day long, you risk your health glaze several times. Luckily, Sensodyne ProNamel focuses on multiple ways to prevent acid erosion while brushing your teeth regularly.

Prevention of acid erosion

While it may seem like you are fighting a losing battle, there are many steps you can take toward prevention of acid erosion. The most obvious choice is brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste ProNamel. In addition, the company recommends:

  • Planning a visit to your dentist, especially if you are not following the schedule recommended check
  • balance acidic foods you eat with products promoting the production of saliva or containing dairy products.
  • avoid holding acidic drinks in the mouth for a long period of time
  • Drink your acidic drinks with a straw.
  • Change to a solid toothbrush bristles.

The most important choice ProNamel Sensodyne is obviously use a toothpaste for your company. Your selection of toothpaste contains the required dose of fluoride, which helps protect teeth from erosion.

How Sensodyne works ProNamel

While you may think that the type of toothpaste you use does not matter, could not be more wrong. Sensodyne ProNamel has a unique formula. Most toothpastes do not or can not protect the enamel damage caused by acids. daily protection of acid is necessary to avoid irreparable damage to the teeth. Without protection, the enamel surface of the teeth is weakened and causes damage. In some cases, the damage becomes severe enough to cause pain to the individual.

While there toothpaste is able to replace the enamel Sensodyne ProNamel is able to penetrate the enamel surface, which helps strengthen and re-harden the damaged tooth. This hardness is what your teeth are based on staying healthy and strong.

The reason that ProNamel Sensodyne is able to achieve what other toothpastes can not, due to the optimized formulations of fluoride. In fact, Sensodyne ProNamel blend of ingredients is designed specifically to help erosion, rather than being an afterthought as with other toothpaste.

The use of Sensodyne ProNamel

The instructions for use of the toothpaste Sensodyne ProNamel varies among age groups. Also, note that the dental needs of a child are not the same as an adult, and you should consult with your child’s dentist if you want to change your routine.

If you have more than twelve years, follow these instructions:

  1. Use around a long strand of an inch of toothpaste on the toothbrush.
  2. brushing teeth for one minute.
  3. Do not swallow. Spit out the toothpaste after brushing.

Most dentists recommend brushing teeth twice a day and floss once a day. You can brush your teeth three times a day. If you exceed three times, you start to put teeth at risk of increased absorption of acids during their meals.

Children should follow the following instructions:

  1. Put toothpaste on the toothbrush.
  2. brush for one minute.
  3. Do not swallow. Spit out the toothpaste after brushing.

With children, you may need only put a small amount of toothpaste on the brush. Children are accustomed to swallow what is in their mouth, so it is best to use a smaller amount to reduce the risks if swallowed some of it.

If your child is under two years old, do not brush with Sensodyne ProNamel. You must be using a toothpaste without fluoride until the child turns two years.

ProNamel products

Sensodyne ProNamel for five different types of toothpaste, and also has a toothbrush with soft bristles to add to his regime. However, one can use any toothbrush soft bristle these toothpastes and get the same result. If you want to save some money, check out the coupon section of the website Sensodyne ProNamel. Here is some information about each of the five toothpaste Sensodyne offered through ProNamel.

Fresh Wave

Fresh Wave is designed specifically for people with sensitive teeth. It has all the benefits that can be expected with ProNamel Sensodyne toothpaste, and has a fresh scent for a pleasant breath. These benefits include:

  • Protection against acid erosion
  • resistance softened enamel
  • Added

  • Protection of cavities

Gentle Whitening

Gentle Whitening is quite similar to tooth paste new wave. While not specifically made for sensitive teeth, provides a slight bleach to give you an brighter smile .

Mint Essence

Mint Essence has all the expected benefits of ProNamel Sensodyne toothpaste. However, this formula contains a higher level of fluoride, which means that consumers have more cavity protection than other toothpastes. By preventing caries, protect teeth from worse damage.


Like its name, toothpaste multi-action has multiple ways you can help the teeth. Along with the benefits that come with each ProNamel Sensodyne toothpaste, which provides protection against cavities and helps promote healthy teeth and gums.


Children toothpaste is designed for children between the ages of 6 to 12. At this age, children begin to lose their teeth, as their adult teeth come in . This is crucial to teach your child how to properly care for your permanent tooth time. What better way to use a toothpaste Sensodyne ProNamel to keep your teeth white to become a bright yellow instead.

purchase options for Sensodyne ProNamel

You do not have to go to any specialty store for ProNamel Sensodyne toothpaste. You can look at the section care / toothpaste of any supermarket you want to go. Toothpastes all retail for less than $ 10, so it is easy to achieve a bright white smile.

Contact Sensodyne

To speak to the customer service department, you can call or email the company. Here are their contact forms available:

Phone: 1-866-844-2797

Email: [email protected]


Sensodyne ProNamel is a trusted brand that provides additional protection against acid erosion. With its products and affordability readily available, this toothpaste is a natural choice for any consumer who cares about his oral health .

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