SensiLight Mini – Permanent Hair Removal Device

For most women, hair removal is a time consuming process and problematic especially without using shaving utensils . Unlike shaving, other methods like waxing and epilators remove hair follicle, which slows hair growth cycle. With a slower growth cycle, you can enjoy the silky smooth legs for longer.

The two most common non shave hair removal Methods include waxing and the use of a depilatory device. While both are great choices, not available permanent hair removal . Fortunately, there is a product on the market that does, and is known as sensiLight Mini by Sensica. As noted by the brand, “your skin is in good hands.”

About the sensiLight Mini

The sensiLight Mini is a device for permanent hair removal designed and manufactured by Sensica, a brand that produces tools advances aesthetic that allow you to implement professional beauty treatments right from your own home. The company was founded by a group of beauty professionals experienced medical aesthetics they wanted to make it easier and more convenient for women who adopt methodologies self-care, without having to trouble themselves to go to a beauty salon .

The sensiLight is an affordable and easy to use device that is created with technologies first level of the company, including reactive pulsed light, Adapt2U, DynamicRF, and PH of votes. These technologies are not only used by sensiLight, but also widely used by leading professional institutions. The sensiLight Mini is not only capable of removing unwanted hair, but the device also works to rejuvenate and exfoliate the skin throughout the process.

Best of all, the Sensica technology is clinically approved. In particular, the Mini sensiLight functions well in both facial and body hair. The ergonomically designed device that provides lasting and effective results so that you do not need to spend hours and a lot of money in professional hair removal.

SensiLight Mini: The

There are two models sensiLight Mini: Mini 50 and Mini sensiLight sensiLight 100.

To begin with, the sensiLight Mini 50 can be considered a “introduction” in products sensiLight. This system of permanent hair reduction is an alternative to expensive salon treatments. Not only is this economic system, but also safe, very intuitive, and is approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Alternatively the sensiLight Mini 100 is a stronger version of the sesiLight Mini 50. That is, instead of using a device that implements 50 pulses, this version implement 100 pulses in order to remove hair.

The pulse rate is significant because the device produces more pulses, the larger the number of flashes. The flashes are directly correlated with the ability of hair removal device and the device longevity. For example, with Mini sensiLight 100, the lamp is high capacity. The lamp will not require high capacity to fill the cartridges, so that the extremely low maintenance device. Meanwhile are very good choices if you are looking for one that does not require much maintenance and even the fastest hair is removed, can be better with the sensiLight 100.

Since the lamp power is most significant difference, the next section will cover the common qualities of mini sensiLight products that make this device so big hair removal.

How the Mini sensiLight work?

The sensiLight Mini is a very innovative product. The device uses technology Pulsed reactive. This technology meets the specific needs of your skin through each pulse. Calibrating your skin type and texture, the device is able to provide then your skin with flashes that work to remove hair directly from the follicle. Once the hot flash attacks the follicle, hair growth slows down, ultimately resulting in smoother hair free skin .

The technology also works in various areas of your body. You can use the trigger mode for specific areas, such as the underarms and bikini line. Alternatively, if you want to treat large portions, then you can set your device to intermittent automatic mode. This mode will provide a continuous flow of technology that removes hair without intermittent effort.

A reliable product

As with any device that uses heat to remove hair, one of her main concerns is security. One of the best features of sensiLight is that the device manufacturer is fully committed to ensuring that users receive the best quality and attention. That is, has Sensica ensures that the device is completely safe to use through clinical testing and cleaning technology with the Food and Drug Administration as well.

Of course you not need to worry about the hassles or problems arising with the device. In any case, most users simply feel a little heat when technology is applied to your skin.

Price and Money Back Guarantee

Given this device is a permanent hair removal solution, the product cost is quite affordable and reasonable. For sensiLight Mini 50, the current rate is $ 199.00. On the other hand, the sensiLight Mini 100 is a bit more expensive. For this product, you can expect to pay $ 299.99.

Another wonderful feature of the product is that if you are not satisfied for any reason, you can take advantage of the guarantee. The money back guarantee is good for 60 days and applies to products bought online at Sensica website. For purchases made outside the website, you will need to contact the individual facility for their return policy.


Hair removal is a pain, but you can make it much easier and more frequent by choosing a product like mini sensiLight. If you simply want to start slow and see the overall effects of the product, then you may want to opt for the Mini 50. sensiLight

Alternatively, a more powerful solution, the sensiLight Mini 100 is the best choice. Whatever you choose, you are bound to be satisfied with the results.

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