“Selfie Elbow” Is Now a Real Medical Condition – Do You Have It???

selfie ELBOW

is the time to add “autofoto elbow” to the growing list of problems that their addiction to social networks is causing.

seems like the world is just one big mess ancient hot these days, but secretly love it. To add to our list of #firstworldproblems, “selfie elbow” is a real thing now. Yes, a real medical condition caused by making constant autofoto.

Doctors say ‘autofoto elbow’ is a lot like tennis elbow tendinitis a kind of common in people related to sports. “The movement repeated elbow in the extreme position, having autofotos causes pain in the elbow,” says Dr. Kamal Bachani, senior consultant, Orthopedics, specialized hospital Super PrimaMed Vimhans, New Delhi. This is also called an overuse injury. While it is taking autofotos, one holding mobile phone for several minutes in vigorous posture, which can cause trauma to the muscles and tendons in the elbow. “You keep straight or slightly bent elbow conclusively. And continues to do so until the image of your choice is captured. This leads to abnormal strain on the tendons and ligaments of the elbow. Which brings us to inflammation and acute or chronic elbow pain, “says Dr. Bachani.

Overuse of muscles

Technical driven by injury or pain due to the repetitive nature of the tasks they have become more common today. Like sitting for long hours in the same position you can land with back pain, overuse of joints, while texting, write and take autofotos will give pain too. “When the same movement is repeated over and over again, the positions of agony of his body starts to complain,” says Dr. Bachani. Too much tension in the muscle, which will have painful consequences. selfie elbow is one more addition to the long list of medical conditions I caused due to overuse of technology. Text messages, Twitter, games and taking autofotos make them more prone to pain and injuries than ever before.

“The human body is not designed to put such abnormal postures, extreme,” says Dr. Bachani. Experts warn that over a period of decades, overuse of the fingers and thumb can cause osteoarthritis.

Fortunately, it is easy to treat the condition ‘autofoto elbow’ with some pills ice, rest and anti-inflammatories. In fact, there are a number of exercises and stretches that help prevent muscle tension caused by activities related to technology. shoulder rolls and regular doll can be made at any time to relax muscles. But the autofoto stick could not be of any help because it is still extending his arm to use the stick. “How to hold the phone with both hands or arms switching can help. But the best way autofotos many do not take if you want a free movement of muscle pain,” says Dr. Bachani.

joint pains technology driven

The neck pain

While working on the laptop or use iPads or mobile computer, the neck is still very low in order to look at the screen and also in sections leading to stiffness and pain.

The carpal tunnel syndrome

The median nerve in the wrist is compressed due to overuse of the wrist while you are typing or using the mouse. Repetitive movements such as writing can cause inflammation and swelling of a tendon, usually in the wrist.

Back pain

The most common of all, incorrect posture. Sitting for long hours at your desk can seriously harm your back muscles.

messages text thumb

It is also known as de Quervain’s tenosynovitis and thumb of the player, who it is a painful inflammation of the tendons of the thumb extending to the wrist. Excessive use of the space bar and even work with the mouse cause.

Stiff shoulder

constantly watching the monitor in a position leads to feeling pain in the shoulders.

Medical professionals have warned for years about how using technology can badly harm to our body. They have been raising some alarm about how young some of the people reporting technology-related conditions have been. In short, computers and smartphones can put us in unnatural positions and for long periods of time. That can lead to serious problems – especially if those inclined on displays and keyboards do not exercise or stretch the body to counteract the effects. And it’s not just your autofoto-taking hand -. Many problems of hands and arms, Wilmarth said, can come from tightness in the neck and shoulders, so

According to Dr. Jordan Metzl a sports medicine physician at New York Hospital for Special Surgery, the problem is simply overuse. If you do something enough times – writing, texting, taking selfiesit’s going to have consequences. And like carpal tunnel and tendinitis, which is the repetitive nature of the task that causes the pain.

How to treat?

“Basically, the interface between technology and the human body sometimes causes injury of over-exuberance,” Dr. Metzl says. “What this means is that you do something, you do it a lot, then things start to hurt. We are used to seeing with Blackberry phones that was a real thing. People tendinitis are obtained on her thumb because they were on their Blackberries all time. tennis elbow both play tennis or have poor form is obtained and is obtained from the autofoto elbow taking too autofotos. you put too much strain on the muscle and irritates the area where the muscle bone is removed and get this inflammatory response. “

” I’m listening especially about injuries technology in younger children. in recent years we have been seeing an increase in carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis from overuse of adolescents, where it is 10 to 15 years that was mostly scraped knees and fall of a bicycle, “says Dr. Charles Kim, a rehabilitation specialist musculoskeletal in Rusk rehabilitation NYU Langone Medical Center. “Actually we are seeing more injuries relief in younger patients, because of the way they use technology.”

Dr. Kim suggests a selfie stick – the stick works as an extender arm and takes the pressure off the elbow. Or the old way, that is, get someone to take the picture for you. He also insists that people listen to their bodies, if something hurts, ice and give it a little rest because no photo is worth.

Tightness in the arms can also be exacerbated by the fact that our arms get much rest, as we are often constantly keeping our phones. Not to mention, people tend to not think about things like holding your phone or take autofotos be any strain at all, and what does not work to stretch or strengthen their muscles in the arm and shoulder. It is also quite easy to ignore those little twinges, or think of all those little movements as being harmless.

But could a stick autofoto not help your elbow autofoto condition if it continues extending the arm to use the stick. Holding it with both hands, it could help things, but it is actually better to simply dismiss.

The crux of this is to recognize that when one part of your body hurts, you should stop doing whatever is hurting. If the thumb starts hurting when you put in a certain position, give it a rest from that position. If the elbow hurts when you are taking a autofoto, adjust its position or maybe just let autofoto.

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