Self Cut System – Perfect Professional Hair Grooming Kit?

The Cutting System Auto is a system haircut at home that promises to help to become your own best stylist. Can it really be taught how to administer a haircut professional looking? Here’s our opinion.

What is the auto court system?

The Cutting System Auto is a haircut kit anyone can use at home. It is designed for people with short hair often need to touch up her hair to look great.

The system comes in different varieties. You can buy a set with trimmers $ 300, or you can simply buy mirror 3 way the company and its tutorial application haircut, which is available for less than $ 100

The product called an “investment”. After purchasing the system auto court, you will be able to save a significant amount of money on haircuts.

Basically, an application, razors, trimmers, and a mirror in a convenient kit is obtained. The application teaches how everything used to maximum effect, giving you the best haircut possible.

How the Auto Cut system work?

The auto cutting system consists of several different parts. First, it is the system 2.0 Cutting System Auto “Heaven Lights”, which is a 3-way mirror with lights attached.

You also get an application downloadable system auto cut for iPhone or Android. The application teaches you how to cut hair in the latest styles, while the use of modern techniques of hairdressing.

There is also a cutting system Being eBook that teaches you more information just found in the application.

You can use all the above information with their own knives and cutting hair. So if you already have your own team haircut – as a clipper set and trimmer – then you can still buy the cutting Auto

However, if you need to buy a razor. cut and then cutting system Auto sells a set clipper and trimmer for $ 300 (included with the mirror and the application).

can also pay $ 350 for an expanded set trimming hair, which includes a wireless unit off and trimmer, and a variety of accessories -. Including the ability to cut hair at different lengths

The clippers and trimmers are made by Wahl, Andis, and other companies.

Self Cut System Products

This is how the pricing for all products of the cutting system car breaks down:

  • The cutting system Auto 2.0 sky Lights: $ 199.95
  • Auto Cut System Pro 2.0 with Clipper / Trimmer Set: $ 299.95
  • Auto Cut Wireless System 2.0 with Clipper / Trimmer Set: $ 349.95
  • Lambo Black 3-Way Mirror: $ 79.95
  • Auto System Cut Pro Kit Andis Combo barber clipper and trimmer set: $ 199.95
  • elf Cut Wireless System Combo Kit: $ 249.95
  • system Self-development mirror (hairdressing for women): $ 79.95
  • Andis cordless shaver: $ 69.95
  • Auto Cut light system nylon cord Backpack: $ 19.95

All purchases above (except the backpack) come with a free download application Ser cutting system. This application is available in several volumes and there are separate versions for men and women.

If you are active duty military, reservists, or a retired or disabled veteran, then you will receive a 10% discount on your purchase. That discount will be automatically applied when sending a military direction. Or you can contact [email protected] your email address military issued after placing the order. If you do not have an e-mail military, then you can send other proof to that email address.

Is it difficult to use the auto court system?

Auto cutting system promises to cut your own hair easy. This is how the manufacturer explains:

“As long as you use the right techniques and the right tools that appear in educational videos, the chances of making a mistake are very small system. self-style makes it much easier for you to learn how to be the perfect style “.

Basically, you set the mirror, grab your trimmer and shaver, and follow along with instructional videos, application, or electronic book. The creators of the claim “any” Being cutting system can use your system.

When started for the first time to style your own hair, a couple of tries it will take to have a perfect hairstyle. Depending on your skill level, it may take a few tries. Once you know what you’re doing, however, you can cut hair like a pro.

The mirror itself is portable and weighs 5.2 pounds. Easily it folds. System manufacturers cut auto encourage you to take on trips to make sure your hair always looks good.

Who makes the system self court?

The self cutting sold online by a company in New York based on the following address:

72 N State Rd # 242
Briarcliff Manor, NY 10510

You can contact the company by phone at 1-800-491-4980

should you use the system auto cut to cut your own hair?

The cutting system is an application Auto mirror and trimmer / razor grouped in one convenient package. However, you are paying a significant premium for that package. razors and clippers Wahl, for example, are very cheap: you can buy 24-piece set hairdressing Wahl Chrome on Amazon for $ 22.99. Most other Wahl products are available for less than $ 30 -. So they will not get some world class trimmer with buying high-priced packages cutting system Auto

You can also purchase 3 way mirrors in any store. Manufacturers cutting system auto describes its technology as “patent pending” – but let’s be honest, you can get a mirror 3 way from almost anywhere

So the only unique feature of cutting system Being is. application and hair cutting guide. If you need additional help cutting your own hair, and want to learn the tricks and tips use professional hair styling, then the application can be useful. However, considering you’re paying $ 80 to $ 350 for the application plus some basic accessories, which is a significant price to pay.

If you do not mind the high price tag, then the auto cutting system can be your new favorite way to cut your own hair. However, those with a tighter budget will find that they can get similar results by buying individual shaving razors Wahl Amazon, using its own mirror, and following along guides free haircut on YouTube.

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