Selenium: The Miracle Healer

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By Danielle contributing writer

When you think about the miracle healing mineral, selenium probably will not top the charts. In fact, you may not even know about selenium.

Selenium is a mineral found in soil, and also some water and plants and animals foods.The most selenium is stored in muscles, and is an essential mineral compound many proteins, called selenoproteins. Selenium is essential for the production of thyroid hormone, DNA synthesis, protection against oxidative damage and health muscle.

Selenium: The miracle healer

Many chronic diseases are associated with selenium deficiency, including viral diseases such as HIV, Chronicles, and many hormonal disorders. Typical symptoms of selenium deficiency are low-grade muscle weakness and atrophy, general fatigue, and thyroid problems. Many who suffer because of chronic illness found that the selenium is deficient, and see benefit by supplementing.

Benefits of Selenium

  • Selenium plays an important role in the overall health of your body. Without it, your immune system will be greatly affected and will be open to chronic disease. This is especially important for women, as selenium is an important precursor to the creation of adequate amounts of thyroid hormones. However, all ages and sexes can benefit from ensuring that you are consuming enough selenium. Here are some of the benefits of selenium:
  • detoxes Fluoride

  • Recent studies have shown that adequate selenium can actually help the body in detoxification of fluoride, a toxic metal added to water (bottled and tap water city) offices, toothpaste, and the dentist. With Fluoride linked to dozens of types of cancer, this is only one reason to control their intake of selenium.

Management of thyroid health

If you are deficient in selenium, its body can not create cells of the hormone T4 or T3 T4 cells generate the most usable cells. Many believe that to properly cure the thyroid, especially in the case of hypothyroidism, selenium is a precursor of the addition of iodine. The balance of these two minerals is absolutely critical for the healing of hypothyroidism. There may also be a benefit for those suffering from Hashimoto.

For certain women who are prone to poor thyroid function supplementing selenium can prevent hypothyroidism that appears after giving birth , which is the case a lot of women.

It is estimated that up to 20 million people in the United States have a thyroid problem, and 60% of people who have the disease are probably not aware of. One in eight women suffer from thyroid disease in your life. That is a high figure crazy, and I personally know many women who are dealing with the effects of hypothyroidism. Knowing that selenium plus iodine, minerals are key to preventing thyroid problems I want to make sure you have adequate levels of selenium.

benefits the system immune

Glutathione has been called the most important antioxidant in the human body. Without it, detoxification is very limited. To glutathione occurs, the appropriate levels of selenium and iron should be present. There are also studies indicating that can help prevent cancer.

Combat dandruff and rejuvenates the skin

rich antioxidant properties of selenium hold off dandruff (actually you can add a few capsules of selenium for shampoo !), and aid in the regeneration of new skin cells.

Relieves joint pain

One of the symptoms of selenium deficiency is joint pain. If you are suffering from joint pain in general or are stiff in the morning, try adding more selenium to your diet.

strengthens bones

Much of our minerals are stored in our bones (crazy, I know!). Selenium is really essential for bone metabolism and the process of building new bone cells from bone.

strengthens heart health

Selenium helps your cardiovascular system tremendously by raising good cholesterol, HDL. It also plays a role in preventing oxidation in the arteries.

Selenium: The Miracle Healer

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Natural sources of selenium

If your digestive system is working properly, you may intake of recommended amounts (below) selenium, ensuring that these foods are in your diet:

  • – Seafood
  • – viscera
  • – Eggs
  • – chicken and turkey
  • – sunflower seeds
  • – fortified oatmeal, bread and rice
  • – Mustard
  • – Garlic
  • – Brewer’s yeast
  • – Brazil nuts (more than 544 mg per serving, the food much more rich in selenium on earth)

How much is needed?

is possible, like any mineral, to consume too much selenium. No supplement more of the requirements of lower daily doses, and control how you feel depending on dosage. Adults should not consume more than 200 mcg of selenium per day, since overdose is a possibility. Symptoms of overdose include hair loss and fragility of nails, irritability, and a metallic taste in the mouth or garlic . Patients taking chemotherapy should also talk to your doctor before starting a selenium supplement .

recommended daily intake of selenium

Adults and adolescents: 55 mcg
pregnant women: 60 mcg
breastfeeding women: 70 mcg
infants (0-1): 15 mcg
young children (1-3): 20 mcg
The 4- children 8 years 30 mcg
children 9- 13 years 40 mcg

Who is at risk of selenium deficiency?

So you are deficient in selenium? Likely. Although it does not need much, our soil is severely depleted of minerals, and most American diets include processed foods, which are low in selenium. Vegans and vegetarians are more likely to suffer from selenium deficiency, as well as those living in parts of Europe in China, because the soil is mostly empty of selenium.

is ideal to ensure you are getting enough selenium through natural dietary sources. But if it can not meet the daily amount required, it would be prudent supplement selenium.

Best selenium supplements are whole variety of foods, like this plant-based selenium or nutritional yeast-based selenium . Stay away from synthetic selenium called sodium selenite and selenomethionine.

If you are consuming the recommended amount of selenium daily amount, but seeing no increase in their blood selenium or your health, you may have an underlying intestinal problem that inhibits the ability of body to use selenium. In this case, seek information and healing techniques leaky gut syndrome ; then continue complementing.

If you suffer from a chronic disease is hypothyroidism, or worry that you are deficient, the blood is the best way to measure their levels of selenium.

So now you have. This less known mineral is the key to good health, and can be a miraculous healer for people with chronic diseases and thyroid hormone imbalance.

Has supplemented selenium? What was the result?

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