See How To Use Onion For Quick Hair Growth

Who does not want bright, bulky and long braids? All men and women alike desire to have healthy hair, but getting to it is entirely a single ball game. Everyone has several problems to deal with when it comes to hair loss or loss.


Most people struggling with the snail pace of hair growth, while others face problems like dandruff, brittle and damaged hair shine. When you intend to grow your hair, then good care to be taken in order to obtain a healthy, strong and fastest growing hair to avoid any kind of damage and dull appearance is needed.

Meals are usually incomplete without a slice of onion, right? When the onion to taste your food is added, then you may not have known the importance of the onion for hair growth. This seems kind of strange in listening, but yes, it is true. Onion makes stronger the scalp and roots. This is due to the reason that onions are very rich in sulfur which helps circulation.

However, the sulfur element in the onion increases collagen production, which makes their locks grow faster. Ultimately, onion juice is a great remedy for itchy scalp, dandruff problems and scalp acne. Here are some remedies and tricks that will help grow your hair faster


is quite advent of onion helps boost hair growth at a high level and you can use this trick to grow hair fast. Take ¼ onion juice into a cup and mixed with a tablespoon of honey and ground well. Massagethe mixture hair in the routine for about ten minutes and let stand for about 30 minutes.

Onion helps in hair growth and leave the subject thinning hair and hair honey works as a food and keeps the scalp and hair conditioner. It’s so simple! You will see different in 3 weeks.


This mixture is perfect if you do not like the onion smell like onions soaked in rum turn, the smell of onions. Soak the onion in rum overnight and use this liquid in the morning to massage the scalp. That seeps into the roots and increases hair growth.


When the onion juice mix with 1 tablespoon yogurt, then takes tohair growth and stops hair loss. It is necessary to apply this liquid at the end of the hair and scalp and leave it on the head for about 40 minutes for best results. Yogurt keeps hair hydrated and onion will repair the hair breaks.

how you can use onion for your hair growth?

There are many ways you can use the onion to grow rapidly accelerated in those locks. You can use the juice from the scalp onion soaking solution after wash solution and you can even use onion juice mixed with coconut oil and put it on the scalp to grow hair faster. But if you’re allergic to onions case, then the application can carry out the reaction so avoid using them if you have any allergic symptoms with it.

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Why ONION is considered as an effective ingredient to facilitate rapid hair growth?

it is a well known fact that the onion has many elements that stimulate hair growth and one of the main element is sulfur, which helps with various situations that cause hair loss or hair loss. First, you must know the structure of the hair and the main reason behind hair loss so you can understand well why onion is regarded as an effluent remedy.

is very important to know that hair up protein, which hair strength is achieved by keratin is made. This is due to the abundance of available sulfur in onions. It is the chemical bond, which creates sulfur that determines hair texture and health.

In fact, hair loss is directly associated with the absence of sulfur proteins. One of the highly absorbed sulfur sources is methylsulfonylmethane is available in onions. This helps the formation of keratin in the hair these results in excessive hair growth.

Onion juice HELP IN PROBLEM alopecia areata:

According to recent research today onion can help with the problem of alopecia areata. The problem of alopecia areata is nothing more than an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the hair follicles, and the result is spot baldness or baldness. When you find yourself in such a situation then try onion juice, as it helps in hair growth and will soon see the threads visible hair on the stained area.


to wash the onion properly and detachment of the outer layer. Chop onion into small pieces and mix thoroughly in a blender. If you are using grater, then always use the sharp side of the grater so that the juice comes out easily. This is the easiest to take onion juice in the country technique.

Now place the pulp left in the filter and tighten as much as possible to get the most juice. You need to massage the juice to your hair on the scalp in the routine. Keep it for 40 to 50 minutes and rinse with a little mild shampoo. You must use this treatment twice a week.


is necessary to add the onion juice in luke warm water and mix well. Now apply the mixture on the hair as a final rinse, once washing hair. This can be used on alternate days.

ONION juice mix with coconut oil packs

You need to mix the onion juice pretty well with coconut oil and add these essential oils to the mixture. It is his desire to add the essential oil or not, because it is optional but it helps mask to be less smelly. You need to massage this mixture on the scalp and hair and keep it for 55 minutes. Rinse the mixture with a mild shampoo and warm water. Do not use this mask more than 1 time a week.

When onions for hair growth is used and then see immediate results in reducing hair loss as it helps in hair growth. You will find several ways you can incorporate into your hair treatment and growth. You can use lemon drops added in warm water to rinse your hair as it helps in removing the smell of onions.

There are many benefits of onions for hair growth and when consumed orally onion then the same benefits for hair are also obtained. Onion improves the taste of food and also makes it rich. Therefore, if you can not stand the strong odor, then you should try adding these to your recipes routine. You will be provided similar to that applied to the hair and scalp advantage.

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