See How He Healed His Mother’s Skin Cancer At Home

*** Please be sure to read the update at the bottom of the article! ***

Over the past 3 years, my mother had been suffering with a type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma. This is the least aggressive form of skin cancer, which is not considered life threatening for the medical industry, in contrast to the most malignant form of skin cancer known as melanoma.

Basal cell began first as a small red lesion on the crown of the head of my mother. It would start bleeding, scab, then bleed again and then a scab.

The crust continued to grow and during three years almost quadrupled in size. Not only they grow wider, but grew taller. Unfortunately, it took so long before my mother finally decided to go to the doctor.

She was referred to a dermatologist by your doctor. A biopsy was performed and the lesion was confirmed as cancerous. In the initial consultation, the dermatologist told what each doctor says. “There is no cure for basal cell carcinoma, but we can surgically remove”
He could not guarantee he would not return. In any case, an appointment to have it removed was scheduled.

Not long after surgery, basal cell returned – this time with a vengeance. It seemed to grow much faster, and within two weeks after surgery, bleeding and crusting was back again. It was very frustrating to witness this, and really felt helpless on the matter. I decided to go to the dermatologist with my mother in her next visit, and I was prepared to ask a lot of questions, my first question be, “What the hell is this ???”
That is when I knew the medical term for this type of skin cancer.

taking matters into our own hands

Equipped with ‘basal cell carcinoma’ the term and Google, I researched everything I could about it, including natural treatments. I remembered reading some articles about how baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, has a high success rate with various types of cancer, so I looked at the topical use of sodium bicarbonate in basal cells. Surprisingly, I found a number of personal testimonies of people who had healed completely a basal cell using only baking soda and water . Cancer can not thrive in an alkaline environment. And that is exactly what produces sodium bicarbonate.

My mother had surgically removed basal cell twice more before finally let me try the treatment of sodium bicarbonate. And five weeks ago it is when this treatment started .

I changed the concoction using coconut oil instead of water, such as organic coconut oil raw help in the regeneration of skin cells. I mixed a drink of soda and one part coconut oil (a teaspoon of each) in a beaker and stirred up until it became a malleable paste, which is what applies to the affected area. The results were truly amazing.

Please note that from an early age my mother began to experience hair loss. However, as a result of less hair it was much easier to apply the treatment, and the treatment effect was most visible.

1) February 13 – Day 1: On the first night after 2 applications during that day, all fell crust alone. The area was very tender, and the basal cells was revealed as a fleshy bulb skin that bleed easily when minimal pressure applied

2) February 17 – Day 5: basal cell began to shrink in size. The area around where it had been the crust was all peeling, but coconut oil was helping to clean up all the dead skin away.

3) February 18 – Day 6 :. The basal cell had completely disappeared, and there was no more bleeding

4) February 23 – Day 11: the skin was where state the basal cells was very sensitive, so we applied Polysporin by night to allow healing and prevent infection.

5) February 26 – day 14: the open wound had been the basal cell was starting to get smaller .

6) March 2 Day 18: the affected area began patches itself, closing the wound. The area was still very tender and sore, so he stopped using baking soda and coconut oil and applied Polysporin place.

7) Mar 6 – day 22: The wound had closed completely. We clean the area thoroughly and gently picked away all the dead skin left on.

8) March 6 – present: the surface of the skin has been kept away from the basal cell. For now I still continue to apply baking soda and coconut oil every day, along with the vinegar soaked cotton pads apple cider placed over the area to get to the root of basal cells. My mother will schedule regular follow-ups with your doctor and another biopsy.

The method using

– coconut oil organic raw (the brand I used was Artisana)
free –aluminio sodium bicarbonate (who bought it in a food store holistic health)
– a shot glass to effectively stir the mixture inside
– Something to stir the mixture with, I used the narrow handle small metal spoon
-. Polysporin Triple 3 antibiotics, or any other antibiotic ointment to apply at night

waved me 1 part baking soda and coconut oil 1 part in a glass until it became a malleable paste that was easy to apply. It helped apply some heat to melt the coconut oil faster -. Put the glass under the hot water run for a little

Using the handle of the spoon stirring with, I apply the mixture to the affected area. I DO NOT rub. Instead gently rubbed the area with the paste and let it stay there for as long as possible. Then apply a shower cap to keep the treatment in place.

pointed me to 3 applications per day during the first week, and 2 for the second week to go ahead, and made sure to properly clean the affected area before each application.

A basal cell has roots that reach much deeper into the skin than it seems, not only on the surface, so I have learned that it is important to continue the treatment much more time, even when the skin has completely repaired up.

What we all learned from this experience

Looking back at the beginning of all this experience, I realized that I was as skeptical as most people regarding successful treatment costing only a few dollars, not to mention one that is sitting in my kitchen pantry! I fully understand why such a simple solution as baking soda and coconut oil is sided in favor of a more ‘sophisticated’ treatment.

While I am in no way completely against the mainstream or allopathic medicine, it is my opinion that we have been strongly influenced by the medical industry to believe that we have absolutely no power over our own physical and mental health, and that solutions and cures for our diseases are beyond our reach; that only a large sum of money can buy a cure.
I can not stress enough that this is simply not true.

Throughout the progress of the healing of my mother, my whole family had experienced firsthand the effectiveness of alternative treatment can be. It is not only effective – is affordable, safe and free of side effects. Needless to say, the view of my family in the mainstream of medicine / allopathic has changed significantly.

My hope is that people who are going through a similar experience can understand the power is in your hands to heal themselves. Nobody is going to spoon feed the truth about how we can heal the use of simple and affordable methods – especially not the medical industry. We must do our own research and regain our healing power.

**** Updated July 5, 2014 ****

Hello everyone! I just wanted you all day about what is happening with my mother and basal cell. As my states of articles and images show, the entire surface of the skin was evident at the beginning of March.

Sometime in April accompanied my mother on a visit to your doctor in order to convey the details of all this experience with her, and brought me pictures documenting the process. The doctor was very impressed by the response of the basal cell for coconut oil and baking soda. But to be sure that my mother referred to a dermatologist (another of this time, which is apparently very good) so that an assessment can be done more experience and a biopsy can be done. This appointment is scheduled for mid-July.

We stopped using the treatment in April – partly because we were planning a lot of activity for a great trip in May, and partly because we were curious to see what would happen if we just leaving the affected alone, without any treatment area. The area was clear until the first week of June.

In early June we realized the injury back in its usual place. We were on vacation at the time and waited until we returned to resume treatment. Towards the end of June we started to apply coconut oil and baking soda with a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar placed on top. Within just a day skin began to rinse again. Crusting came off the first day and within two days, the area had patched himself. We continue to use the treatment.

Clearly, the treatment is working on a superficial level. Cancer appears to respond by reducing distance and rinse. But the basal cells have roots under the skin surface. We are trying to determine at this time whether the treatment will eventually eradicate the root of basal cell if we keep using it, even when the surface of the skin is completely clear.

Another thing I should point out, I’m trying to get my mother to understand is that the healing process of cancer is comprehensive, meaning it is not just a magic solution that cures it (in this case a topical application). It is an amalgam of different healing modalities that work to keep the body, mind and spirit in a vibration that cancer can not thrive. This includes a healthy diet and lifestyle, removing toxins from the body, a positive mindset, and integration of other healing practices such as reiki, acupuncture and yoga / meditation.

I’ve been hearing from the personal experience of others who take certain vitamins and supplements was very useful in the fight against skin cancer, in conjunction with a topical application. It makes sense, since proper nutrition allows the body to heal itself. Let’s look at this for my mother.

again I’ll do an update of this item after receiving more information and results.
Thank you all for your contribution and share their experiences, it is nice to get a broad spectrum of views on the matter.

Blessings, Namaste and much love,

While this worked for me may not work for all . This is not intended for medical advice, anyone reading this takes full responsibility for his actions and neither I nor the collective evolution is responsible for the statements made.

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