Secret Studies Proving Monsanto Sells Poison


Claire Robinson wrote an impressive article exposing the hidden evidence of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide poison:

toxicity studies glyphosate is not authorized to see, July 2, 2014.

glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup, Monsanto product, used in hurricane proportions in transgenic crops.

not flatly assert these secret studies show Robinson the poisonous nature of Roundup, but certainly its part leads to that conclusion.

Here are the facts:

In China, this year, the Ministry of Agriculture admitted that legalizing the importation of Roundup was based on a single toxicology test performed in San Luis.

Monsanto then declared, as reported by Robinson, “the study formed their own trade secret, adding that the company had not disclosed the study anywhere in the world and not according to disclose now.”

Why not? Due to the study showed Roundup was safe? It’s a joke?

In Europe, two studies on the toxicity of Roundup are also hidden in the closet.

The European Food Safety Authority and German regulators, Robinson says, “… have refused requests to release studies on the grounds that they are confidential business information.”

In other words, the studios are owned by a company (s).

No problem. Nothing is at stake in the results of those studies except health of the population of Europe.

In 2011, a group called Earth Open Source released a report: Roundup and birth defects 😕 Is the public being kept in the dark

Robinson writes: “the report found that the studies themselves industry conducted in 1980 and 1990 showed that glyphosate causes birth defects in laboratory animals While industry studies. themselves are carried out by the German government and remain secret, the authors examined the Earth Open Source summary report of Germany in the studies, which is in the public domain. This report was submitted to the Commission of the EU, which the European approval of glyphosate in 2002 “.

What ?!

synthesis report of Germany invented various “redefinitions” birth defects that minimized its importance, and Roundup was approved for sale.

And again secret, they are conducting the actual studies.

Let’s see. Studies on the toxicity of Roundup are hidden by Monsanto and government regulators. Studies are called “corporate ownership.” That is justification.

“We own this science and we’re not letting go. But do not worry, it’s not important, you’re safe, Roundup is safe, it’s all good.”

Here is the bottom line. If corporate science is used to justify the security of corporate products then that science should be made public in every detail, so it can be examined by people who do not owe their souls to corporations.

Anyone who stands in the way of this happening is a criminal rank.

However, in this respect, that we live in a lawless society. Government corporations and protects itself.

The United States Department of Justice not arrest and prosecute Monsanto executives that toxicity data are hidden in a million years.

However, poisoning of Americans? No problem.


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