The recipe for this secret potion has been passed from generation to generation, from generation to generation. The bottle of this drink is traditionally given to the bride and groom drinking before the wedding night. These traditions emerged in some countries in Asia, specifically in India, and in some places remain to this day.

The secret is in breeding, whose berries contain arginine, which is the key nutrient in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. This nutrient can also increase the chances of a woman becoming pregnant, which means it has the ability to improve sperm quality in men.

In addition, this potion has the ability to increase your energy and improve your overall health.

Original Recipe India consists of raisins, milk and saffron.

Here is a recipe for the preparation of this amazing drink:

Wash Nice 30 grams of raisins. Then you need to boil them in a pot of enamel in good condition with 200 ml of milk.

At first have to drink this amount three times a day. After a while you need to increase the amount of raisins to 50 grams. Consume this mixture until all problems are eliminated.

Furthermore, it is necessary to know that many people say that raisins have a number of other positive health effects. Namely, that help with high blood pressure, obesity, cancer prevention, anemia, skin and hair care, etc.

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